Our Community

Just as the Christian life is lived with others and for others, your theological, spiritual and ministry formation is best done in community. We believe that learning is more satisfying, meaningful, mutual, and transformative when it happens in the context of relationship. Our priorities, activities, and physical spaces reflect this.

Learn in Community

Studying at SMBC is not like university or TAFE. It’s more like a big, extended family where you are known and nurtured. Our lecturers are accessible and committed to knowing their students well. Our students support each other and often study together. There is also academic and study support available via our Student Services and Community teams.

The rich diversity of our interdenominational and international community will stretch and enhance your learning. Being interdenominational sets SMBC apart from many other theological colleges. Staff and students at SMBC come from a variety of Bible-centred denominations and independent churches.

This allows you to step outside of your regular Christian community for critical reflection and sharpening of your beliefs. It will help you to differentiate more clearly what is core to the gospel and what is secondary. And it deepens your reading of Scripture and theology when there are multiple voices in the discussion.

Live in Community

Whatever kind of ministry or mission you might find yourself in in the future, immersing yourself in the SMBC community gives you the opportunity to grow your understanding of people and test your ability to work with differences. Living and studying on-campus is like a practice run for the real thing.

Our desire for the SMBC community is that it encourages you to grow in listening skills, empathy and humility when different beliefs are embodied in faithful, gospel-focused Christians studying and living with you. This is great preparation for working in diverse or interdenominational teams.

There’s also the joy of single people, married couples, and families with children all living alongside each other and benefitting from each other’s life stages and gifts. Many of our lecturers and their families also live on campus.

Our main, residential campus is leafy and low-rise in the inner-west suburbs of Sydney. There are parks, shops, schools and public transport nearby. We enjoy meals together, especially the community-wide lunchtime, where there’s always plenty of lively discussion!

Grow in Community

As well as your classroom experience, our weekly timetable provides a number of community gatherings where, together, we learn about what church, ministry and mission can look like.

At Chapel, Principal’s Hour and Ministry Matters we seek to model Bible-centred, creative, holistic events that refresh and stimulate you through the week. We also bring guest experts into our gatherings to open us up to a wide range of ministry opportunities and to lift our eyes to what God is doing across the world. All our students are welcome to join in these community events.

Our College Mission teams and Fellowship Groups are also places where you’ll together learn by doing – evangelism, preaching and pastoral care. In these smaller groups you’ll benefit from the pastoral oversight of a man and a woman from our teaching and pastoral care team. These are more intimate, safe spaces for sharing and caring within the larger college community.

Enjoy Community

Community life isn’t all work – there’s plenty of fellowship and fun too! As well as our annual student-led events like the Welcome Bush Dance, Night Among the Nations, and Inter-College Cup, there’s plenty of social and sporting get-togethers to enjoy – both on-campus and off campus. Our students’ and lecturers’ spouses and children also appreciate these relaxed, inclusive events.

In your time at SMBC you’ll likely make lifelong friendships that will support you in the years after college. And when you graduate, we’ll consider you as part of the SMBC world-wide family for life!

The Community Team

Heading up our Community and Student Care team is Kristen Young, the Director of Community and Student Care. Alongside Kristen is Karl Deenick, the Community and Student Care Coordinator. Together with the Community Care team, they seek to ensure the holistic well-being of our students and a vibrant college community life. This includes ensuring that our students’ time at college complements their church involvement.

SMBC is known for its warm, welcoming community – and we’d love to welcome you!

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