Women at SMBC

Our heart is to teach all our students the Bible, and prepare them for whatever context and ministry God has in store for them. We believe both men and women require the same rigorous theological training – alongside each other.

Through our integrated teaching program we show that we equally value men and women, as well as equally value all the different kinds of ministries that they move into. We look to the portrayal of the church in the New Testament as our guide, and seek to model in our teaching, and college community, the kind of godly relationships that ought to occur between men and women working alongside each other – ones characterised by mutual love and respect.

We want to prepare our female students for the diversity and demands of all sorts of roles. Some may go on to be women’s and children’s pastors – or head up mission teams in remote parts of the world – or help run para-church ministries. There is no role that doesn't require the very best equipping that we can give them.

As an interdenominational college, and with respect to the differing roles of men and women, we try to accommodate respectfully views that are divergent. For example, we offer chapel services where women can preach to women only, if that’s what they choose to do. When female students elect to preach to a mixed audience, if male students believe it is inappropriate to sit under a woman’s teaching, then they have the choice to listen to a man preach. We always ensure these options are available.

We have several female faculty members, three of whom are full time: Jenny Salt (Dean of Students), Janet Riley (Dean of Women) and Jasmine Lee (church history lecturer). They provide biblical models of ministry for all our students, as well as mentor our female students.

The SMBC Women’s Conference is held each year. It is an arena where women can bring expository preaching to women, and provides an opportunity for them to serve and encourage each other.

All this in the rich context of the wider mixed college community, offers a holistic and healthy environment in which our women are being prepared for ministry and life beyond college.

Hear from one of our female graduates...

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