Intensives Application

Thanks for enrolling in Intensive mode study at SMBC. The next step is to complete the enrolment forms - see links below or contact the Deputy Academic Registrar on +61 2 9747 4780 or email.

Enrolment forms will also be available at the College Open Evenings and Mornings throughout the year. In addition, a Part-Time Study Expo  is held at the end of January each year. If you can't make the Expo please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you have. You're  also welcome to visit the College outside of these Expo/Open events too, just contact us to make a time.  Cut off dates for intensives vary, so please don't hesitate to check with us for details.


To apply, please:

1. Complete the relevant enrolment forms below. Note: a different form is required for MA units.

2. Provide  certified evidence of your previous degree if you are a new student applying for a graduate or postgraduate degree.

3. Ensure you have a NSW (or equivalent) working with children check number. ( If you are enrolling in a 'DM' unit, you will also need to show evidence of  Safe  Working with Children Training.)

4.Complete a Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Survey - only if you're starting a new course.

4. Send your completed forms, with payment (if not on FEE-HELP), to our Deputy Academic Registrar via email or post to: SMBC, PO Box 83, Croydon NSW 2132.

5. If you are applying for FEE-HELP  instructions will be given how to apply online – see the Australian Government's Study Assist website for  information on FEE-HELP (Conditions apply). 

General Part-Time Study Enrolment (non-MA level) Please note: A DEEWR Survey form (below) is required if you are starting a new course

Part-Time Study Enrolment Form and costs (148KB PDF)


Certificate and Audit Part-Time Study Enrolment

Certificate and Audit Enrolment Form and costs (130KB PDF)

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) Survey (For those starting a new course)

(DEEWR) Survey Form (138KB PDF)


Credit Card Payment Form (138KB PDF)

Note: The above forms can be:

  • Downloaded and digitally filled in via Acrobat Reader, digitally signed, saved to your computer and then returned to SMBC via email, OR
  • Downloaded and digitally filled in via Acrobat Reader, printed out, signed by hand, scanned and returned via email, OR Fax: 02 9747 5053, OR
  • Downloaded, printed out, filled in by hand and either scanned and emailed OR returned by post: SMBC, PO Box 83, Croydon NSW 2132 OR Fax: 02 9747 5053

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