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See below for tax deductible fund options, 'Donating in Memory' and leaving a bequest  information.

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2017 SMBC APPEAL - 'Reaching the Unreached'

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1.Foundation Scholarship Trust - '100 for 100'

Our aim is to provide significant gospel impact through planting and better equipping churches with trained national pastors and gospel workers. In particular we seek, with your help, to train overseas people at SMBC only where  there is no access to quality theological education in their local context.  To mark the milestone of our Centenary year, our vision is to prepare one overseas student for each year SMBC has been in service. 100 for 100 is unique in that we will be working alongside SMBC graduates overseas ( and their mission agencies) to endorse and identify potential students in their communities who exhibit potential for future church leadership and pastoral roles.
Find out more about the 100 for 100 Program, including prospectus and videos here

2. SMBC Building and Maintenance Fund (Tax Deductible)
Our prayer is for our Roberts-Dale campus property to be debt free. We are grateful for your faithful and sacrificial support in helping us reduce this debt, which in turn, has allowed us to keep student fees as low as possible. However, we still have a significant debt relating to this development, so if you'd rather provide a centenary gift with tax deductibility, this fund is the best option.

Other SMBC Support Funds are:

3. Foundation Library Trust (Tax Deductible): Your donation will enable SMBC's Kerr Library to continue to provide essential resources for our students.

4. Student Support Fund: The average residential student needs additional funds to cover their tuition and living costs each year at SMBC (assuming they access FEE-HELP and Austudy benefits).Your donation will help students with these costs.

5. Foundation Building and Maintenance Trust (tax deductible): Donations to this trust within the SMBC Foundation also assist us with essential building development and maintenance of College facilities.

6. SMBC General Fund: Donations to this  fund are used where needed most in the general operations of the College.

7. SMBC Foundation General Trust: Donations to the SMBC Foundation General Trust are used where needed most to support the objectives the SMBC Foundation in facilitating student tuition, library requirements, or property and maintenance projects.

Bequest Support

Bequest support is a way that you can help SMBC without stretching your budget.  It is a wonderful and lasting contribution for the work of the gospel, and can be made by leaving a bequest to Sydney Missionary and Bible College in your will.

Please prayerfully consider this, and If you feel comfortable discussing your plans confidentially,  Stuart Coulton (SMBC Principal) or Greg Swanton (SMBC General Manager) would be delighted to chat and/or meet informally with you.They are best contacted on (02) 9747 4780. We also recommend you talk with your solicitor, who will be able to advise you on all matters relating to your will.  If you don’t have a solicitor, SMBC can put you in touch with an experienced wills solicitor who may be able to assist you.

Download brochure (2.6MB PDF)

If you do choose to make a bequest to Sydney Missionary and Bible College we suggest the following wording as a guide (but again emphasise you should discuss this with your solicitor):

 ‘I give devise and bequeath to Sydney Missionary and Bible College free from all duties, the following [please specify*] and direct that the receipt of the Chairman of the Board for the time being will be a sufficient discharge to my trustees.

 *Where it says please specify, you could put for example:

- a specified sum of money, shares, real estate etc
- a percentage of the value of your entire estate
- the whole of the residue (normally only applies if you have no children or other dependants)

It is important to re-emphasise that it must be your own decision to make a bequest to Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

Your solicitor may need the following information:

Full College Name:  Sydney Missionary and Bible College

Address:  43-45 Badminton Road, Croydon NSW 2132 Australia

ABN:  11 000 047 950

Sydney Missionary and Bible College is ‘incorporated’ but is a company limited by guarantee and is governed by a Board of Directors.

Your bequest, no matter how large or how small, will have an ongoing impact for the gospel for the sake of His Holy Name...

Donating In Memory

A special way to honour a loved one who passes away is by offering family and friends the opportunity to make an 'in memoriam' donation to SMBC  to celebrate their life, instead of sending flowers. Your  'in memory' gift will be used to support the vital work of SMBC. To donate in memory, please advise your family, relatives or friends  of the following two easy steps:

Step 1:

Make a 'one-off' donation in their memory by clicking here ONE-OFF DONATIONS  

Select 'SMBC General Fund' ( or which ever fund you choose) from the drop down menu.

Step 2:

Let us know you've made a special 'in memoriam' donation by clicking:

Alternatively, call us on 02 9747 4780 to let us know.


If you'd rather not use the internet,  please don't hesitate to make an 'In  Memory' donation by calling SMBC at 02 9747 4780


SMBC is a Registered Charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

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Sydney Missionary and Bible College is an affiliated college with the Australian College of Theology
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