June 2019 Postgraduate Unit

June 2019 Postgraduate Unit

TOPIC: Self-Care and Resilience in Ministry (PC718i)
WHAT: A postgraduate semester length unit covered in one week of lectures, with pre-reading/assignments completed at home
WHEN: Lecture Week: 8.30am - 2.30pm, Monday 24 - Friday 28 June 2019
WHERE: SMBC Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132
WHO: Those with a prior theological degree
ENROL BY: Friday 24 May 2019

Christian ministry is hard work and stressful at the best of times, even when it is a joy and blessing. Following in the way of Jesus necessarily involves suffering and sacrifice. Caring for God’s people is demanding and costly. Unresolved conflict can demotivate us. Criticisms can hurt. The challenge is to keep holy, healthy and maturing in the midst of the ups and downs of Christian ministry. A vibrant spiritual relationship with the living God is vital. We are to attend to our physical, emotional and mental health. Loving relationships with family and friends are crucial aspects of our being and well-being.

Yet these are the very things that we can let slip as we meet the demands of ministry, only for our enthusiasm for ministry to diminish, our energies for service to recede, and our emotional tanks to run on empty. The aim of this unit is to train and equip its participants to persevere in faithful Christian ministry, while continuing to grow in love for Christ, to mature in character, to pursue physical and mental health, and to enjoy close, loving relationships.

More information on this intensive unit

If you are interested in this unit, please feel free to contact our registrars for a unit outline on 02 9747 4780 or email.


The Master of Arts (Theology/Ministry) is designed to provide you with opportunities to develop your ministry skills and facilitate further theological contemplation. Based on coursework, a feature of the Master of Arts (MA) is the opportunity to do assessments that have direct relevance to your current ministry involvement.

Most MA units are completed in intensive study mode. This includes a week of face-to-face lectures and discussions at SMBC, with pre-reading beforehand and assignments completed afterwards at home. A majority of MA students are active in ministry, whether in Australia or overseas, providing an ideal classroom environment to benefit from the experiences of others and build networks for ministry support.

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