Semester 2 2017 commences

Semester 2 2017 commences

WHEN: Lectures for Semester 2 2017 begin on Monday 17 July

Enrolment and Important Dates:

For part-time students, to ensure we can provide you with the necessary resources and lecture notes at the commencement of your unit, it is helpful to enrol prior to the commencement of the semester. We are, however, able to take your enrolments after lectures begin. There are important dates to note for this:

Admin Date: This is the second Friday after lectures commence. Up till this date you can enrol, or vary your enrolment, or withdraw with no late or variation fees and a full refund of any up-front payment. There is no academic penalty and no FEE-HELP liability.
In Semester 2 2017 the Admin Date is: 4:00pm, Friday 28 July 2017 (end of week 2).

Census Date: From the Admin Date to the Census Date, whilst you can still vary or withdraw your enrolment, there are penalties and fees that apply. After Census date there is FEE-HELP liability and no refund of up-front payments. Please check with one of our registrars for details.
In Semester 2 2017 the Census Date is: 4:00pm, Thursday 31 August 2017 (end of week 6).

Withdrawal Date: This is the last date that you can withdraw from a unit without academic penalty. Please check with one of our registrars for details.
In Semester 2 2017 the Withdrawal Date is: 4:00pm, Friday 22 September 2017 (end of week 8).

Note: Admin and Withdrawal Dates for intensives, units taught at Narrabeen, and The Bridge will be different from these. Our registrars will be able to provide details - please contact them on 02 9747 4780 or email

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