SMBC 2018 Biennial Missions Conference

SMBC 2018 Biennial Missions Conference

TOPIC: A Heart for the Lost: Moved by God's Mission
WHEN: Tuesday 18 - Thursday 20 September 2018
WHERE: SMBC Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132
COST: Early Bird: $250 (before 5pm 10 August), Standard: $280 (before 5pm 7 September), Late Comer: $310 (before 5pm 14 September)
SPEAKERS: Tim Chester, Byung-Kook Yoo, Brian Dale


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on 02 9747 4780 or email
Note: 'Two Day' tickets will be available for $210.00 and 'One Day' tickets for $120.00.
During the conference the evening sessions will be available for just $20 at the door.



A Heart for the Lost: Moved by God's Mission

More than a billion people still have no access to the gospel. About a quarter of the world’s people groups have no church and no active Christian witness. They are lost, “without hope and without God” (Eph 2:12).

But their lostness is not a result of having rejected the good news of salvation in Christ. They have never heard the gospel. More than that, there is currently no way for them to hear the gospel or see it lived out. They do not know any Christians or anyone who knows a Christian. There are simply no churches in their neighbourhoods or towns that speak their language. This is the case, for example, for tens of millions of Pashtun in Pakistan and Afghanistan, for most of the world’s seven million Tibetans, and for hundreds of millions of people from unreached Hindu groups in India.

The challenge of taking the gospel to these lost people who currently have no access to the gospel is huge - overwhelming even. But to ignore the lost is to ignore God’s heart, his love for the lost. No matter where he has placed us, or what ministry he has given us, we have a role in God’s mission. He has called us to make his love and power known everywhere so that people from every single tribe and language are brought into his family through Christ. 

Join us for three days in September to grow our hearts for the lost. A rich diversity of experienced speakers will open up God's word as well as show us ways we can play our role in God's mission. All welcome!

Richard Hibbert
Director of the SMBC Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission

"May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you." Psalm 67:3

Hear from keynote speaker Tim Chester ...

Be encouraged by Matt Sparks ...


Dr Tim Chester is the pastor of Grace Church, Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire and a faculty member of Crosslands Training. He was previously Research and Policy Director for Tearfund and adjunct tutor in missiology at Cliff College. Tim is married to Helen, and they have two daughters. He is the author of over thirty books on theology and mission, including Mission Matters, Revelation for You, Mission and the Coming of God, and Total Church.

Byung-Kook and his wife Boin are Korean missionaries who served in the Gambia for a little over a decade before moving back to Korea to launch the Korean sending branch of WEC. They now serve as Directors of International Mission Mobilisation for WEC. This involves mobilising missionaries in new mission sending countries such as India, China, Philippines, Egypt, Romania, and Vietnam. Kook has written about his experiences of cross-cultural mission in his book Untold Stories of Missionary Yoo.

Brian and his family have lived and served among a Muslim Unreached People Group in SE Asia for the last 16 years. They have shared the gospel with a vision to see communities of faith in Christ established. Over these years they have seen God use them to establish, train and mentor a team of both foreign and national believers to serve the unreached. They are currently serving as the Field Leaders overseeing teams among the unreached in SE Asia. 



8.30am Tea + coffee

9.00am God and the NationsTim Chester

10.00 am Responding to God's heart for Asia's millionsBrian Dale

11.00am Morning Tea

11.40am Workshop Elective 1

12.45pm Lunch

2.00pm Following Jesus to reach the unreached – Byung-Kook Yoo

3.00pm Break

7.00pm Christ and the Nations – Tim Chester


8.30am Tea + coffee

9.00am Culture and the Nations – Tim Chester

10.00am Facing the challenges of serving among the unreached – Brian Dale

11.00am Morning Tea

11.40am Workshop Elective 2

12.45pm Lunch

2.00pm Justice and the Nations – Tim Chester

3.00pm Break

7.00pm Understanding what God is doing among the unreached – Byung-Kook Yoo


8.30am Tea + coffee

9.00am Prayer and the Nations – Tim Chester

10.00am Strategizing for breakthroughs among the unreached – Byung-Kook Yoo

11.00am Morning Tea

11.40am Workshop Elective 3

12.45pm Lunch

2.00pm Being credible witnesses to the unreached  – Brian Dale

3.00pm Break

7.00pm Grace and the Nations – Tim Chester


Choose one track only (when at the conference):

TRACK ONE:  Helping East Asians find Jesus
Helping traditional Chinese people find Jesus - Phil and Irene Nicholson
Helping Cambodians find Jesus  - Simon and Angeline Porter
Discipling people with a Chinese worldview - Pete

TRACK TWO: Helping Muslims find JesusBrian Dale
Initial steps in living and working among Muslims
Overcoming barriers in sharing the gospel with Muslims
Contextualizing ministry among Muslims

TRACK THREE: Growing a heart for the lost
Reaching the less reached in your church's neighbourhood – Andrew Schachtel
Involving your church in global mission – Tim Silberman
Making disciples in Australia – Tim Scheuer

TRACK FOUR: Helping Europeans find Jesus
Helping Portuguese people find Jesus – Matthew George
Helping French people find Jesus – Jerry and Carolyn Moyer
Helping Spaniards find Jesus – Steve Preston

TRACK FIVE: Facing the challenges of reaching the lost
Taking risks to reach the lost – Omar Djoeandy
Living by faith to reach the lost – Byung-Kook Yoo
Finding new ways to reach the lost – Byung-Kook Yoo


As part of your registration you will be provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. If you would like to have dinner as well, dinner tickets will be available to purchase during the conference from the Admin Centre (or during morning tea outside the dining room) at $10 per person per evening. Please purchase on the day by 2pm. Dinner is at 5.45pm.

Local shops and cafes are a short walk away at Croydon and Croydon Park, or via a short drive, at Burwood and Concord.

Note: Images, info and talks from the 2016 Biennial Missions Conference are available here

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