SMBC 2019 Children’s Ministry Conference

SMBC 2019 Children’s Ministry Conference

TOPIC: Hope: Certain hope for kids living in an uncertain world
WHEN: 9.00am - 3.40pm Saturday 4 May 2019
WHERE: SMBC Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon and Roberts-Dale Campus, 140 Croydon Ave, Croydon Park
COST: Early Bird: $64 (before 5pm 29 March), Standard: $74 (before 5pm 26 April), Late Comer: $84 (before 2pm 2 May)
WHO: All those with an interest in children's ministry



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HOPE: Certain hope for kids living in an uncertain world

Our world is broken and messy.

We see kids struggling with fracture and loss and uncertainty.

Our culture feeds their fears and teases them with false hope.

But we have a certain hope in Jesus to build on. A promise of saving, eternal love as our foundation.

Come and join us at the SMBC Children’s Ministry Conference as we consider HOPE: Certain hope for kids living in an uncertain world.


Note: This conference is held simultaneously at two campuses - SMBC Croydon Campus  and SMBC Roberts-Dale Campus. The programs at each campus are identical in content, except for the 'Under 5s' seminars being held only at the Roberts-Dale Campus.

Each person chooses one 11.45am seminar and one 1.35pm seminar. Please choose carefully as seminars sell out and can't be changed. Seminars 5(a+b) and 6(a+b) are two hour seminars covering both timeslots.

43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132

8.00am - REGISTRATION (+ tea and coffee)

9.00am - Bible Talk – Geoff Harper 

9.40am - Presentation – Quiz Worx

10.00am - MORNING TEA

10.30am - Talk: Teaching Assurance to Kids Fiona Millar

11.30am - BREAK

11.45am - Seminars 2, 3, 5a, 6a

12.50pm - LUNCH

1.35pm - Seminars 1, 4, 5b, 6b

2.40pm - BREAK

2.55pm - Panel Discussion

3.40pm - CLOSE

140 Croydon Avenue, Croydon Park 2133

8.00am - REGISTRATION (+ tea and coffee)

9.00am - Talk: Teaching Assurance to Kids – Fiona Millar

10.05am - MORNING TEA

10.35am - Bible Talk – Geoff Harper

11.10am - Presentation – Quiz Worx

11.30am - BREAK

11.45am - Seminars 1, 4, 5a, 6a, 7

12.50pm - LUNCH

1.35pm - Seminars 2, 3, 5b, 6b, 8

2.40pm - BREAK

2.55pm - Panel Discussion

3.40pm - CLOSE


1. Hope in the Darkness – Sandy Galea
Parents have on average 3,000 hours each year to speak the gospel into the lives of their children. The average leader in kid’s ministry has less than 40. So how do we equip our primary disciple makers to grow their kids to be gospel ready - clinging to the hope they have in Christ in this broken and unpredictable world?

2. Exploring Hope – Adam Joliffe
Often children best understand key truths about hope and perseverance through games, songs, memory verses, and craft.

3. Answering Tough Questions – Fiona Millar
Children face all kinds of questions that could undermine their hope—about suffering, injustice, persecution, death, satan, judgement, heaven and hell. We’ll be thinking through how to explain big theological truths in age appropriate ways.

4. Looking Back – Bruce Linton
The Old Testament is a rich resource of stories and concrete imagery, holding out the same hope as our hope today—looking forward to Christ—waiting to be mined as pictures of the gospel, accessible and exciting to children.

5a. & 5b. Looking Forward – Kirrily Griffiths (Croydon Campus), Kelly Peters and Jana Koulouris (Roberts-Dale Campus)
Heaven, hell and Jesus' return can be tricky topics. Discover how you can help kids to see the future with real hope, look forward without fear and anticipate the coming of Jesus with confidence.

6a. & 6b. Real Hope in a Hostile World – Tim Beilharz (Croydon Campus), Naomi de Vries (Roberts-Dale Campus)
In a world of inescapable suffering, injustice and increasing experiences of persecution, how can we help children to not only to persevere in faith but also to share the hope of the gospel with others.

7. Teaching Key Truths that Give Real Hope For Under 5s (Under 5s) – Fiona Singline
How can you talk about things like hell, suffering, death and uncertainty to under 5s?! We’ll be looking at age appropriate ways to share these key truths with our littlest ones.

8. Learning God’s Truths Through Play (Under 5s) – Fiona Singline 
For under 5s, a particularly effective way to communicate the foundational truths of gospel hope is through play.


Fiona lives in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane with her husband Gary and their three fun filled girls. She teaches the children’s ministry course at Queensland Theological College (QTC), writes material with other kids ministry workers and volunteers, work with Y-net to encourage and train children’s ministry teams in local churches, teaches Religious Instruction in her local primary school, and co ordinates the kids ministry at her local church, Ann Street Presbyterian, Brisbane.

Originally from Ireland, Geoff lectures in Old Testament at SMBC. His PhD focussed on the book of Leviticus and he is co-editor of Finding Lost Words: The Church's Right to Lament. Geoff has a passion for seeing the Bible applied to faith and life, especially the bits that tend to be ignored. Along with his wife and two kids he attends Petersham Baptist Church.

Quiz Worx is a team of humans and puppets who present the good news of the Bible through creative live shows for kids, especially in state schools.


Sandy is the Lead Children’s Minister at MBM (Multicultural Bible Ministry) in Rooty Hill and the founder of Kidswise. She loves to equip people passionate to see kids come to faith and grow in faith.

Adam Jolliffe is married to Kate, is a father of four children and many puppets and is the Children’s Minister of Life Anglican Church, Sydney.

Fiona teaches the children’s ministry course at QTC, writes material with other kids ministry workers and volunteers, work with Y-net to encourage and train children’s ministry teams in local churches, teaches R.I. in her local primary school and co ordinates the kids ministry at her local church.

Bruce is the Family and Children's Minister at Vine church. He is passionate about telling the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.

Kirrily has been leading the children's ministry team at EV church for 17 years. She has seen God grow children who love Jesus into adults who love Jesus.

Kelly  is the Children’s Worker at St Matthews Anglican Church, Botany. She is a primary school teacher, scripture teacher, playgroup coordinator, nanny and mother of three. She is passionate about absolutely anything to do with kids, especially teaching them about Jesus.

Jana attends St George North Anglican Church with husband Petros and three sons. She studied at Youthworks College and has worked in both children's and women's ministry in her home church, Church by the Bridge and St Phils Caringbah. Her greatest joy is reading the Bible to her boys and serving together as a family.

Tim serves as a Children’s Ministry Consultant for Anglican Youthworks and seeks to help churches foster effective ministry to children, youth and families.

Naomi is the Children’s Pastor at Church by the Bridge in Kirribilli. She is passionate about enabling the church family to grow children who live for Jesus and love like him.

Fiona has been involved in Kids Ministry in Bega, Auburn, North Epping and now Campbelltown City Baptist Church where she has ministered with her husband and four kids for 11 years in the area of Claymore.


A  bookstall will be available at both campuses.


At the end of the conference, we will provide you with a Certificate of Attendance to go towards your professional development requirements, for example, for SRE teaching.

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