2017 Biennial Preaching Conference

Apocalypse Now - Preaching the Book of Revelation

Trumpets, scrolls, beasts, and numbers – the Book of Revelation shows us a reality beyond our imagination – and sometimes it can feel like it’s beyond our preaching too!

Preaching through the Book of Revelation is no small feat. Even ‘the greats’ baulked at preaching it – Calvin simply refused to and Luther questioned the book's validity!

But as God-breathed scripture, with God and his people at its heart, this book cries out to be preached with just as much passion and flair as the book itself.

The 2017 SMBC Preaching Conference looked at the Book of Revelation which provides God‘s people with a hope and a confidence that won't fade. What could be more important, and pastorally relevant, for God’s people to hear now, in these ‘last days’.

The SMBC Preaching Conference is held by the SMBC Centre for Preaching and Pastoral Ministry every two years.


MIKE RAITER is a preacher and trainer of preachers. After teaching in Pakistan at the Zarephath Bible Institute, Mike served as head of the Department of Missions at Moore College. He is also a former principal of the Melbourne School of Theology. In 2012 he launched the Centre for Biblical Preaching. He has authored a number of books, including Stirrings of the Soul which won the 2004 SPCK Australian Christian Book of the Year Award.

MARK STEPHENS is the Coordinator of Integrative Studies at Excelsia College. His PhD focussed on the topic of new creation in the Book of Revelation. Emerging out of that study, Mark became convinced that Revelation is a book about discipleship, which teaches people how to worship and witness to Jesus in a hostile culture. Revelation has so much to say to us about mission, spiritual warfare, suffering, and love!

GEOFF HARPER, originally from Ireland, lectures in Old Testament at SMBC. His PhD focussed on the book of Leviticus and he is co-editor of Finding Lost Words: The Church's Right to Lament. Geoff has a passion for seeing the Bible applied to faith and life, especially bits that tend to be ignored, including the book of Revelation. He will explore the implications of connections between the Old Testament and Revelation for reading and preaching John's Apocalypse. 

STUART COULTON is Principal of SMBC and lecturer in Church History and Pastoral Care.

MARK ADAMS is SMBC’s Pastoral Vice-Principal and Director of the Centre for Preaching and Pastoral Ministry.

MALCOLM GILL lectures at SMBC in Preaching and New Testament, and is the Coordinator of SMBC’s Master of Arts Program.


These short videos were shown at the conference. Each of the key speakers give helpful tips on different aspects of preaching Revelation. These videos can also be viewed on Vimeo

What would the church miss if it ignored the Book of Revelation?
Why do preachers avoid the Book of Revelation?
What are some helpful ways of getting into the Book of Revelation?
How does the genre of the Book of Revelation shape how we preach it?



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