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2018 Women’s Conference

The word of God is living and active and powerful. By his word, God stilled the storm, made the universe out of nothing and brings spiritual life to dead people. By his word, God revives the soul, makes wise the simple and gives joy to the heart. That’s why expository preaching of God’s word lies at the heart of SMBC Women’s Conference.  We believe there is nothing better we can give you.

In the Presence of Greatness: Hearing God’s Word from the Book of Malachi

Have you stood with the crowd as a horse drawn carriage passed by taking the Queen down The Mall? Have you been on the steps of the Opera House as the red carpet is rolled out for the feet of Hollywood? Were you there when Federer raised his racquet? When Mandela spoke? When Adele sang ‘Hello’?

Whether those experiences are real or imagined we know something of what it is to be in the presence of greatness.

God’s greatness is of a different order entirely and we’re prone to underestimate it. Our eyes and hearts are too small; we’re so often consumed with lesser things. God spoke through his prophet Malachi to people like us – he proclaims his greatness and it’s so much better than we expect. We’re given more than a fleeting glance as he passes by because he invites us into relationship with him. He calls us to live in the presence of his greatness.

‘'For I am a great king,’ says the LORD Almighty, ‘and my name is to be feared among the nations.’ Malachi 1:14


Janet loves spending time with students around the Bible and is thankful for lots of opportunities to do that in her role as the Dean of Women at SMBC.  It’s a world away from her previous work as a country vet but similarly full of unexpected joys and challenges.  She also loves photography, lazy days in the garden, visiting farmers’ markets and soaking up the banter at extended family meals.

Chris trained as a primary school teacher not knowing what fun it would be and what opportunities for the gospel it provided. When the suggestion of learning to preach was given, Chris decided to study at SMBC to ground her theology and develop her pastoral skills. Today Chris has the privilege of opening the Bible with over 250 children each week and speaking at various women's events. She loves her grandchildren on her lap as she reads to them and a good cup of tea is always refreshing.

Rani loves being an ordinary little person caught-up in the goodness and greatness of God! Once upon a time, she studied English literature and dreamed of teaching poetry. These days, she teaches the Bible among international students as an AFES staffworker – a privilege she balances with finishing her studies at SMBC. Rani is married to the wonderful Michael and enjoys long walks, exploring Sydney's national parks and good conversations - preferably all at once! 


17 March 2018, 9:30am    Janet Riley

Malachi 1:1-14 - Malachi 1:1-14 - Sacrifice in the presence of great love

Length: 46:10   Download   Listen

17 March 2018, 11:30am    Rani Grivas Allison

Malachi 3:6-15 - Malachi 3:6-15 - Relationship in the presence of great generosity

Length: 26:12   Download   Listen

17 March 2018, 2:30pm    Chris Quirk

Malachi 3:16-4:5 - Malachi 3:16-4:5 - Salvation in the presence of great judgment

Length: 32:21   Download   Listen

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