2019 Children’s Ministry Conference

Hope: Certain hope for kids living in an uncertain world

Our world is broken and messy. We see kids struggling with fracture and loss and uncertainty. Our culture feeds their fears and teases them with false hope. But we have a certain hope in Jesus to build on. A promise of saving, eternal love as our foundation.

At the 2019 SMBC Children’s Ministry Conference  we considered HOPE: Certain hope for kids living in an uncertain world. The main talks included 'Teaching Assurance to Kids' and a Bible talk on 1 Peter 1:3-12.

The seminars covered: Hope in the Darkness; Exploring Hope; Answering Tough Questions; Looking Back; Looking Forward; Real Hope in a Hostile World; Teaching Key Truths that Give Real Hope For Under 5s; Learning God’s Truths Through Play (Under 5s).


Fiona lives in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane with her husband Gary and their three fun filled girls. She teaches the children’s ministry course at Queensland Theological College (QTC), writes material with other kids ministry workers and volunteers, work with Y-net to encourage and train children’s ministry teams in local churches, teaches Religious Instruction in her local primary school, and co ordinates the kids ministry at her local church, Ann Street Presbyterian, Brisbane.

Originally from Ireland, Geoff lectures in Old Testament at SMBC. His PhD focussed on the book of Leviticus and he is co-editor of Finding Lost Words: The Church's Right to Lament. Geoff has a passion for seeing the Bible applied to faith and life, especially the bits that tend to be ignored. Along with his wife and two kids he attends Petersham Baptist Church.

Quiz Worx is a team of humans and puppets who present the good news of the Bible through creative live shows for kids, especially in state schools.


All three talks can be purchased for $5/talk (audio) at our online store

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