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Being a Disciple of Jesus during the COVID Era

Since the arrival of COVID-19, our world has changed. We've moved from the 'Pre-COVID Age' to the 'COVID Era'.

Our knowledge and love of the gospel hasn't changed, but it could be that how to communicate it, and how to apply it, has changed? Just like missionaries we need training and fresh thinking to reach this new world. 

Please enjoy this video series (from Principal's Hour) as members of SMBC's faculty share each week from their area of expertise and apply it to life in the COVID Era.

29 July 2020
REV DR KIRK PATSTON lectures in Old Testament, with a particular passion for Wisdom Literature.

5 August 2020
REV DR IAN MADDOCK lectures in Theology, and loves learning from the Christians who have gone before us.

19 August 2020
DR RICHARD HIBBERT was the Director of the SMBC Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission, and challenges us with his courageous heart for the lost.

26 August 2020
REV DR MALCOLM GILL lectures in New Testament and Preaching, and shares inspiration from the Apostle Paul.

2 September 2020
REV ROB SMITH lectures in Theology, Ethics and Music Ministry, and speaks from his passion for singing.

16 September 2020
REV DR DAVID BURGE lectures in Theology and New Testament, and shares some theological reflections on COVID-19.

23 September 2020
ROSS WEBB, 2020 Missionary in Residence, shares his thoughts on evangelism.

21 October 2020
MARK ADAMS, Pastoral Vice Principal, speaks with a pastor's heart on the health of the church.

28 October 2020
DR ED GRUDIER, who lectures in the MICS course, speaks on the trials and benefits of waiting.

4 November 2020
REV ROB SMITH and REV DR KIRK PATSTON, discuss The Plague by Albert Camus.

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