College Mission Teams

All full-time students at SMBC become part of an annual College mission team, lead by a member of faculty. Mission teams travel to different parts of Australia as well as overseas.

Missions within Australia are usually for one week, while overseas missions are usually three weeks in duration. College mission is an important element of training; providing opportunities to put classroom learning into practice, to work within a team environment, and to develop spiritual gifts and abilities (see Graduate Attributes). After mission, the teams continue to meet fortnightly during the year as College fellowship groups.

College Mission 2018

In 2018 we have teams partnering with: Westmead Anglican, Bowral Baptist, Tuggeranong Presbyterian, Bega-Tahra Uniting, Williamtown/Medowie/Mallabula Anglican and Tanilba Bay Baptist, Anna Bay Presbyterian, Barraba Anglican, Central Presbyterian Ipswich, Curtin University AFES Perth, Glenmore Park Anglican, and working with OM in Western Sydney. We also have teams travelling to SE Asia, Tanzania and France.

See team updates from 2017 below:

Team Leader - Geoff Harper

The team’s past week in Ireland has been action packed!

On Thursday Bryony, John, Benny and Dan D helped out at the Lighthouse drop-in service, preparing and serving meals and joining in conversation with those who visited.

On Friday the team joined veteran street evangelist, Mickey Walker in the centre of Dublin. It was super encouraging to hear Mickey's stories from the past 33 years+ of ministering in Dublin and of the people that have come to know the saving grace of Jesus during that time. It was also a great opportunity for the team to engage in conversation with those who stopped to listen to Mickey's gospel presentation.

Friday evening a bunch headed to the Christian Uni Ministry National Conference. It was really challenging to hear from Christians who are persevering in reaching their Uni campuses with the gospel and to see how great the need is for more Christian workers in this ministry.

On Saturday afternoon the team farewelled Dublin and travelled across to the town of Ballina in County Mayo for the second week of mission. Again, we have been so blessed by the very warm and generous welcome of our billets, and in particular, Dave and Brooke Wilson who are missionaries from Australia (ex-SMBCers!!) ministering in Ballina at Calvary Church Ballina.

Sunday morning was another awesome blessing of meeting with brothers and sisters in Christ from a number of different churches from across County Mayo at a combined service in Castlebar. There, Sarah and Felix were interviewed and shared some of their testimony, the awesome trio of John, Dan D and Benny ran Sunday School and Dan C spoke from John 17. Many great conversations were had over tea and a bun after the service too!

Sunday afternoon the team headed over to Westport to join in the 250th year celebration of the town and hand out tracks and flyers for the local church and Christian bookshop.

On Monday we enjoyed a day off, touring some of the sights and beauties of County Mayo, of which there are many!!

And today saw the team head out into Ballina to distribute invitations to the public talk this evening at the local resource centre where Tanya will present a Christian perspective on ‘Mindfulness’. As doors were knocked on and opened, there were a number of great conversations with locals who so desperately need the peace that only Jesus can bring.

This afternoon, Benny, Dan D, Dan C, Beth, Geoff and Laura ran a holiday kids Bible club in Castlebar. Thank the Lord for the many kids who attended and for Benny who gave a great talk.

For prayer and praise:

  • Thank the Lord for safe travels across the country to County Mayo.
  • Thank Him for the generosity of His people in billetting the team again this week and for all those who have given their time to share and engage with the team.
  • Please pray that many will have come to the public ‘Mindfulness’ talk and for ongoing building of relationships and outreach of those who attended.
  • Please pray for the kids who attended the kids club (and for the parents who stayed), that the message they heard today will stick with them and that they will decide to follow Jesus.
  • Please pray for renewed strength and energy for the team in this second week of mission.
  • Please also pray for Bryony who will be speaking on ‘Finding True Satisfaction’ at a women's dessert night on Thursday evening. And for John, Felix and Dan D who will be preaching on Sunday at three different churches.
  • Finally, please pray for the work that God has been doing in and through the team and that there will be lasting fruit both in our lives, and in the lives of those we've met and interacted with.


Team Leader - Jonathan James

Our final days at Quirindi were spent sight seeing, discussing rural ministry with  the pastor Geoff and participating in the final church services for the week. Geoff shared with us what the past 17 years in rural ministry have looked like, the high's, the low's and all the work that God has been doing. The team greatly benefitted from Geoff's time of sharing.

On our team day off we began with breakfast at the beautiful Quipolly Dam, then travelled out to Gunnedah for a bird show, followed by a trip to a wildlife park and then we finished up with a tour at a cotton farm on the way back home.

The final church services were filled with farewell's to Geoff and Catherine as they prepare to head off to Armidale for further ministry. The team felt very privileged to share in the final weeks of their service in Quirindi.

For your prayers:

  • Please thank God for the many opportunities the team had to teach, share and lead and for the growth that this brought about in both the team members and the church.
  • Please pray for all the individuals who responded positively to the preaching of God's word. Pray that God would care for the many seeds sown, that they would one day come to bear fruit.
  • Please pray for the families we stayed with, some were believers and some were not. Please ask God to have mercy on those who are yet to believe and that he would continue to sustain those who are his.
  • Please be praying for Geoff and Catherine as the finish up at Quirindi, that their final week would be encouraging for all. Please ask God to help them as they make the transition to Armidale, for wisdom in ministry and relationships.
  • Please also thank God for the safe travel of our team home and for continued rest before we resume studies.


Team Leader - Janson Condren

We've enjoyed the privilege of partnering with EFCA for the past eight days.

We praise God:

  • For a well-attended noodle market outreach on Saturday, where the church met many new people from the East Lindfield community and beyond.
  • That those who had never done door-knocking, walk-up evangelism, testimonies and talks, embraced the challenge and served admirably.
  • For the kindness and hospitality shown to us by English ministers Rev David Chen and Steve Ryman, and our billets. We were well fed and looked after!
  • Please pray for those in our team who are considering ministry in Chinese/Chinese-Australian contexts, that God would provide additional service opportunities and a greater love for His people.
  • Please pray for the EFCA congregations as they reflect this Easter on the Son of Man who “came not to be a slave master, but to be a slave and give his life to rescue many people” (Mark 10:45, our memory verse on Sunday morning).


Team Leader - Alan Thompson

We thank God for the past week - it's been such a blessing to be a part of what God is doing through St John's and local ministries in Hobart.

We also praise God for the following:

  • The generosity and encouragement of the people at the church. We felt very welcomed and well cared for.
  • That those who were sick were still able to give their sermons and are feeling much better.
  • Those who were helping on Friday at youth group and Focus ministry had a great time connecting and sharing the gospel with international students who have never heard of Christ before.
  • Our team had a great time serving and learning together.

Please also pray that God will bring along the funds and the right person as St John's are praying for a second minister as the church continues to grow!


Team Leader - Jenny Salt

We give thanks:

  • That God has been showing His love and mercy in Bangalow and the surrounding areas, particularly in light of the recent floods.
  • That the team has had a good time and encouraging conversations with the church members, especially with their billets.
  • That the team had safety on the road.

Please pray:

  • That the team would have been an encouragement at Bangalow Presbyterian Church 9.30am Sunday. - especially to the billet families' walk with Christ.
  • That God would provide workers for the church in future years.
  • That the things the team members experienced and learnt during the trip will be helpful for our future ministries.


Team Leader - Alan Thompson

We've continued to enjoy getting involved and learning more about ministry in Hobart. Each morning we've been able to hear from different people in various ministries across Hobart. This has been a really helpful and encouraging time for us all. We've also been involved in Bible studies, a ministry seminar, a uni conference and more letter-box dropping! 

Please continue to pray for us:

  • Several team members are still sick and need to give talks over the weekend.
  • Pray for focus for final preparations.
  • Pray for more good conversations, especially at youth group tonight, the women's event tomorrow night and church on Sunday. 
  • Praise God for a chance to rest and spend time with our billets tomorrow.
  • Praise God for the generous care we've received!  


Team Leader - Mark Adams

G'day from us Bargbarians, and praise God for the work he is doing in us and the people of Bargara!

Nae and Gower have done an amazing job at running the Children's Holiday Program (CHP) over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings – giving 42 kids the opportunity to hear about Jesus. Everyone chipped in as we ran games, skits, craft, singing and discussion groups. It was so encouraging to hear the kids engaging with the bible stories and asking good questions!

On Tuesday night, we ran an Evangelism Training event where people from Bargara Presbyterian Church joined us in listening to Mel and Brian give us some great tips on how to be evangelistic to our unbelieving friends and family.

On Wednesday night, Stef and Brian gave a relaxed, conversational-like presentation on how Jesus is the Bread of Life, the only one who can truly satisfy our spiritual hunger. Praise God there were one or two unbelieving friends there!

Thursday was our much-needed day off, so we went for a trip to Childers, a nearby country town, where we enjoyed the small town atmosphere of coffee shops, museums, galleries, ice-cream and a good ol' pub meal. That night we had a game of lawn bowls, where Matt took home the "Bowl-ers" trophy, followed by dinner at the local Thai restaurant afterwards.

Today (Friday) we will have another team meeting after lunch together, before Youth Group tonight.

Praise God for:

  • The great turnout of families at the CHP, including a few non-Christian families.
  • The eagerness of some of the Bargara Presbyterian Church to learn more about how they can be on mission to their friends and family.
  •  The way the Spirit persuaded the non-Christian friends of the Bargara Church to come to the evangelistic event.
  • The break on Thursday which grew us closer as a team and reminded us of the beauty of God's creation and all the good things he has blessed us with to enjoy.

Please pray for:

  • The non-Christian families who came to the CHP, that what they heard and witnessed would stir up their hearts to want to know more about, and to eventually become a follower of, our Lord Jesus.
  • The Christian families who came to the CHP and the Evangelism Training event, that they were encouraged to see enthusiastic teachers of the gospel, and that they too would be enthusiastic and bold to talk about what they learnt with their unbelieving friends.
  • That the unbelievers who heard how Jesus is the Bread of Life, will be truly satisfied by him soon.
  • Youth group tonight – that through Nathan's teaching on John 20 the youth would understand Jesus' resurrection and that their faith in what Jesus achieved would be strengthened/they would come to faith!


Team Leader - Geoff Harper

We're so thankful for the warm welcome and generosity we've received from our Irish brothers and sisters in Christ, all the way on the other side of the world!

It was wonderful to join together in praise of our great God at Ballycullen Community Church on Sunday morning where Geoff preached and some of the team were interviewed. That evening Tanya, Sarah and John ran a young adults Bible study and shared their testimonies with the group. The rest of the team were interviewed at Grosvenor Road Baptist Church.

Among other things, we've also enjoyed a team trip to Trim Castle, a chance to hear from and chat with the ministry team at Grosvenor and joining in the student life group at Grosvenor. 

Quote of the week: "It feels like the sun's not working..."

For your prayers:

  • Praise God for safe travels and that the team has adjusted well to the change in time zones.
  • Thank the Lord for the wonderful fellowship we've been enjoying and for the willingness of those we've met to share their lives (and homes!) with us. It's been humbling and a great encouragement and challenge to us.
  • Please pray for sustained energy and good rest.
  • Please pray that the team will keep relying on the Lord as they continue to prepare for preaching, kids clubs, homeless ministry, street evangelism and other activities.


Team Leader - Jonathan James

The past few days have provided the team with many adventures and learning experiences. We have visited schools in Blackville, Spring Ridge, Walhallow, Wallabadah and Quirindi for scripture assemblies in the hopes of sharing Jesus with the kids at these schools. They have all been eager to learn and participate which has been a great encouragement to the team. We have been thankful to see God already planting seeds through the faithful work of those who have gone before us.

We have also had the opportunity to visit with some of the older locals in the nursing home, spending some time hearing from them and sharing the gospel with them. Some of our team even had the opportunity to pray over those who were in pain and see God's healing hand at work. 

On Tuesday we were able to help run "Stay & Play" which is play group aimed at helping mum's in the community connect and hear about Jesus. This ministry has created opportunities for solid friendships to form in the community and many of the women really value it. We were able to give the mum's a break while they did some craft and heard more about Jesus. Some great conversations arose from this event.

Last night we ran a womens event here in Quirindi. We held activities, crafts, talks and testimonies around the theme of "Taste and See". The night created plenty of conversation about Jesus following a powerful talk about what the true "bread of life" is.  

For your prayers:

  • Please pray for all the people who have heard the gospel faithfully preached these past few days and for all the conversations in between. There have been lots of positive responses that now require good follow -up. 
  • Please be praying that God would be continuing to make himself known in the schools we have visited. It is clear that Jesus is familiar to many of the kids. Pray that they would continue to learn about him and come to put their trust in him.
  • Praise God for the work he has been doing so far within the community of Quirindi and the surrounding places here in the country. Pray that those who know and love him will remain in him and be encouraged through our time with them.
  • Please pray for our upcoming men's evening, kids club and our final church services. That the word would be preached faithfully and truthfully and that God would call home those who are his. 
  • Praise God for his continued kindness to our team over the week. He has sustained us and used us in wonderful ways. Pray that we would continue to bring him glory in all that we do.


Team Leader - Malcolm Gill

For your prayers:

  • Give thanks for the time we've been enjoying time with people from the church at BBQs, Bible studies, and in their homes.
  • Praise the Lord for good clear Bible studies with the Women of Hope, as well as Ignite and 180 Youth groups.
  • Tonight students are leading group Bible studies among seniors, a men's group, and other home groups.
  • Tomorrow will be a rest day to take in some of New Zealand's beauty!


Team Leader - Janson Condren

The last two days have been a flurry of activities: door knocking, table tennis outreach (with talks and testimonies from students), a youth leaders training led by Janson Condren, and handing out noodle market invites at the local train stations.

In between activities we've had the opportunity to hear from three EFCA pastors about the joys and challenges of gospel ministry in a Chinese context. There's been time to sharpen our ping pong skills as well!

Please pray for the team today as we split between three events: SRE and a lunchtime group at Killara High School, and a playgroup for Chinese-speaking mums and their pre-schoolers hosted at church.


Team Leader - Alan Thompson

We're extremely thankful for a very warm welcome to St. John's Presbyterian Church. The church, staff and our billets have all been so generous and warm towards us. Tassie is full of beautiful scenery, good coffee and great food... so we're doing it pretty tough here! We'd love your prayers as we seek to serve the church here and grow as ministers of the gospel.

  • Praise God that the Sunday services went well and for all those who were involved. It was encouraging to meet and share meals with so many people from the church.
  • Thank God for a beautiful day off seeing more of Tasmania on Monday. St John's generously hired two mini-buses and gave us a mini-tour of Tassie! Thank God especially for Nick who organised it all and for a great time together as a team.
  • Thank God for Bible studies, international university ministries, letter-box dropping for Easter services and lots more!
  • Please pray for the various ministries we're continuing to prepare for over the next few days.
  • Please pray for those who are particularly considering ministry in Hobart and Tasmania, that their time here would be helpful and God would give them wisdom.
  • Please pray for the families back home (especially wives and children without their husbands around to help).
  • Please pray for the health of team as there's a some sickness going around.
  • Thank God for our wonderful billets who are taking great care of us!


Team Leader - David Burge

  • Give great thanks for team unity and a great start to mission.
  • Pray for the scripture assemblies tomorrow and Thursday. The team is ready to talk about 'Jesus being the best swap ever'.
  • Pray for Imli and Brendan who will be preaching on Sunday.
  • Pray for Luke as he has a sore throat and is losing his voice.
  • Pray that the team continues to be an encouragement to the Albion Park Anglican Church family.


Team Leader - Anthony Brammall

There's quite a few things happening at Kellyville today to pray for :

  • Jo is speaking at a women's small groups event this morning. Below is a picture of Sally baking for the event.
  • Rebekka is giving her testimony at another women's event tonight, plus Bek, Jo and Alex will perform 'How Deep the Father's Love for Us'.
  • Chris is sharing his testimony at a young adults' event tonight.
  • We are also doorknocking this afternoon.

Thanks for praying!

Team Leader - Jenny Salt

Some of the Bangalow team helped clean up the flood damage at Lismore yesterday. The aftermath has been quite devastating and we saw piles of flood damaged stock and furniture outside the stores and homes. Please pray for God's comfort and provision to be with the locals.

The team are doing Scripture at some local primary schools and running a Kid's Club in the coming few days. Please pray that we'd be able to communicate the gospel message clearly and that we'd be able to share good conversations with the parents (and hopefully invite them to church for Easter!).


Team Leader - Jonathan James

The team has had a wonderful time so far meeting with the folk here in Quirindi. After arriving safely on Saturday afternoon we spent time with pastor Geoff and Catherine getting to know them and the ministry that they have been faithfully involved in here. Our formal events began on Sunday morning with a 7.30am service in Willow Tree where we gathered with a small congregation of nine people. This was followed by another church service at 9.30am in Quirindi and lunch with the members of this congregation. Our day ended with a final service in Quirindi at 4.30pm - this congregation was predominantly young families so there were lots of children.

Today we spent a good portion of our day chatting and lunching with country folk from all over, gathering in Quirindi for a seniors lunch. Some of the team then headed out to Blackville to a very small school (roughly 12 children in the class) for their scripture assembly. We had the pleasure of sharing Jesus with these kids through drama, song and a well spoken message. They were extremely excited to have us there and we were greatly encouraged by their enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

So far, our time here has presented us with many opportunities to get to know the people who do life here. It may be a small and quiet part of NSW, but God is working in big and beautiful ways. So many of the folk here have opened up to us, sharing their stories of hardship and faith in our Lord. And we in turn have been able to encourage them through talks, testimonies, songs and chats over coffee. Our evenings have been spent with our billets, getting to know them and sharing our lives with them. We hope to be able to encourage them in their walk with God and share Jesus with those who are yet to know him personally.

Please pray:

  • Praise God for his provision's here for us as a team so far. For all the conversations he has blessed us with, for all the wonderful meals we have shared and for warm beds to rest our weary heads at night.
  • Praise God for the brothers and sisters we have met here, please ask God to sustain them and deepen their love for him and one another.
  • Praise God for the way he has used our team to share Jesus through talks, testimonies, drama and music. 
  • Pray for Geoff and Catherine as they spend their final weeks in Quirindi before heading to Armidale. That their remaining time would be fruitful. Pray for the provision of a new pastor as Geoff steps out, and that the change over would be smooth.
  • Pray for the health of our team members, as some have been unwell, and for good rest.
  • Pray for the scripture assemblies, women's events and men's events coming up over the next few days. That God would be made much of and that those who are lost would be called home.
  • Pray that we, as a team, would honour God while we are here and that he would use us for his purposes and plans.

Team Leader - Janson Condren

On Sunday we joined the church for four different services (9am, 11am, 2pm and 5pm) and took part in the Bible talks, kids and youth talks, and Sunday school. Please pray:

  • Thanksgiving for our billets' hospitality.
  • For the Word to transform us as we study 1 Peter as a team in the mornings.
  • Courage and boldness for a few walk up evangelism opportunities at the local train stations and shopping centres.
  • Energy for outreach events planned this week - a noodle market, table tennis outreach, mens and women's and youth events.
  • For good health for the students as some are struggling with colds and allergies.


Team Leader - Anthony Brammall

Please pray :

  • For God to use our door knocking, leafletting, seniors ministry, women's event, SRE and other tasks - to bring people to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and be saved.
  • For us as we prepare and deliver evangelistic sermons for church, plus talks for a men's event, women's event, and young adults night.


Team Leader - Mark Adams

After a number of convoluted ways of getting to Bargara, including delayed flights, missed connecting trains and flood-cut roads, we all finally made it here by Saturday midnight, safe and sound. Shout out to Rachelle and Natasha who left College at 9am on Saturday and arrived at 2am Sunday morning with Caleb and Maddie. Amazing women. Amazing kids.​

On Sunday morning we split up between two towns - in Bundaberg, Takeshi gave his testimony, in Gayndah Luke preached and Matthew shared his testimony. Then we enjoyed lunch together with the church. That afternoon we all went to the Bargara Presbyterian Church where Brian preached, Takeshi shared his testimony again, and a bunch of us ran the music and kids program. Afterwards we met​ for our first team meeting, and again this morning at a local cafe. Today we are ​kicking off the kids holiday program at the beach.

Praise God for:

  • Everyone's safe arrival.
  • Our patient​, hospitable host families​ and the cars being​ lent to us for the week.
  • Opportunities we've had to share the word and our testimonies with listening ears​.

Please pray for:

  • Energy for everyone, especially those who's trip here was prolonged.
  • Little Will who has had a fever/been unwell​ since Saturday.
  • That the Spirit will continue to work in his church in Bundy, Gayndah and Bargara​ and that we would all be encouraged by each other.
  • The kids holiday programs for the next couple of days - that the team would serve wholeheartedly and faithfully, and for the kids, that they would grow a better understanding of who God is, and their need for him to be their King.
  • The evangelism training event on Tuesday night - that everyone would become even more pumped to share the gospel with others, themselves and each other!


Team Leader - Jenny Salt

After ten hours on the road, the Bangalow team arrived safely on Saturday evening. We joined Bangalow Presbyterian Church's Sunday service and took part in the Bible talk, song leading, Bible reading, the kids' talk and Sunday school. Please pray:

  • Thanksgiving for our safety on the road (there was a point along the journey where the floodwaters threatened to block our path!).
  • Thanksgiving for our billets' hospitality.
  • The team are going to help clean up the flood damage in Lismore today. Please pray that we would be able to engage in good conversations whilst displaying Christ's love in the way we serve.


Team Leader - Pierre Thielemans

  • Please pray that we will be a unified team that demonstrates the gospel in our relationships. Pray that God would be working in each one of us to shape our character, give us a heart for those who don't know him, develop our ability to share the gospel with people from other cultures, and form us for future ministry.
  • Pray for boldness and courage to engage with others in unfamiliar/uncomfortable environments. Pray for wisdom and God-given opportunities to share our testimonies and Bible stories. Pray that God would be drawing the people we contact during the week to himself.
  • Pray for SMBC graduates and other evangelists working in the area - that we would be a help and encouragement to them.

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