College Mission Teams

All full-time students at SMBC become part of an annual College mission team, lead by a member of faculty. Mission teams travel to different parts of Australia as well as overseas.

Missions within Australia are usually for one week, while overseas missions are usually three weeks in duration. College mission is an important element of training; providing opportunities to put classroom learning into practice, to work within a team environment, and to develop spiritual gifts and abilities (see Graduate Attributes). After mission, the teams continue to meet fortnightly during the year as College fellowship groups.

College Mission 2019

In 2019 we have teams partnering with: Cronulla Presbyterian, Cabramatta Baptist, Gungahlin Anglican, Lithgow/Portland Anglican, Coast Evangelical, Southern Cross Presbyterian Lismore, Wee Waa Anglican, Broome Anglican, Howick Baptist Auckland, and working with OM in Western Sydney. We also have teams travelling to South East Asia and Central Asia.

See updates from our 2018 College Mission teams below:

Team Leader - Alan Mugridge

A few of us shared our testimonies in different Sunday services at Glenmore Park Anglican Church whilst Alan Mugridge preached at Mulgoa Anglican Church. On Monday we went door knocking.

The church is doing a “Back 2 Church” week this week. They are inviting people who have left the church to come back. During door knocking we handed out tomato seedlings as gifts.

Today we have a lot of planning meetings and will be joining the church’s prayer night later on.

Praise points:

  • The churches are very loving and welcoming. Our hosts are awesome!
  • Finishing up the first two days well.

Prayer points:

  • We are having a lunch evangelistic event at the town centre tomorrow. Please pray for conversations and opportunities to share the gospel – for people who come to hear the good news.
  • Please pray for the people we approached yesterday during door knocking that they will come to kids event on Friday and church on Sunday.
  • Please pray for the preparation and the running of kid’ s holiday event this Friday that goes for the whole day. This is the first time for the church to hold this event.


Team Leader - Anthony Brammall

We've wrapped up our time on mission by running a kids program at Christ Church International School, having a sports day at Munguishi Bible College, and helping out Sunday School at Christ Church Cathedral.

We give thanks to God for:

  • the incredible hospitality and the warm welcomes we've had.
  • the mutual encouragement between our team and the faithful local believers and missionaries we met.
  • safety and health over the last two weeks. Although some of us have been unwell for a few days, we have been able to enjoy our mission.

We would love prayers for:

  • safety as we travel back to Sydney.
  • growth of the seeds which have been planted in people's hearts in the last two weeks.
  • sound doctrine to be taught throughout Tanzania.
  • God's guidance as we continue to consider cross cultural ministry.


Team Leader - Pierre Thielemans

We finished our two weeks on mission with a visit to a neighbouring town to hear about the work there and to debrief. We also spent time with host families on Saturday and went to a church service on Sunday in the suburb we'd been staying in for the last 10 days. 

We've had a challenging and encouraging time on mission hearing about, seeing, and serving in God's work here in France. Thank you for your prayers and support!

  • Thank God for the number of parents, kids and host families who came to the BBQ last week. Praise God that adults heard the gospel as kids told them what they'd learned at Kids Club (and that the kids heard it and remembered!) 
  • Thank God for the hospitality of our host families and that a number of us have been able to have gospel conversations with them! 
  • Pray that God would keep working through his people here and in the hearts of the French people that don't know him. 
  • Pray that we'd be prayerful as we process this trip and where God is leading us all to serve him in our lives.


Team Leader - Pierre Thielemans

It has been a great joy to see God at work over the past week of mission! The Kids' Club we're running alongside World Team in our local suburb has been received really well by kids and their parents. The kids have heard the Bible and have enjoyed coming along to camp each day! This is such a point of praise.

Pray that God would work through this week and that many seeds would have been sown in the lives of people here. Pray too for the BBQ on Thursday night which wraps up the camp. Parents are coming along to eat dinner and see their kids perform items from camp. Pray that great relationships would be built between parents and workers here. There are a lot of people coming which is great!

Thank God for the great hospitality of our host families who have been kind and accommodating to our needs. Thank God for the joy of sharing life with them and pray he'd bring them to know him.

And thank God for the joy of sharing in church with a number of believers across Paris last Sunday - it was great to meet with people of the French church!

Mission has also been hard and stretching in different ways. We've had to farewell a team member as they've needed to head home to be with their family in a time of grief and loss, please pray for them and their family as they mourn the loss of a family member. And we've been adjusting to leading a bi-lingual Kids' Camp in a cross-cultural team which has been stretching at times. But despite our weaknesses, and the grief of this world, our good God is still at work through his people in his world.


Team Leader - Anthony Brammall

We're so thankful to God that we got to visit a remote, isolated tribal group in Tanzania. We're grateful for their warm welcome to us, and we're also thankful for safe travel up and down the hills in heavy rain! 

Praise the Lord for:

  • a few churches that have been planted in the villages of the tribal group.
  • their trust in God in all circumstances.
  • mutual encouragement between the village churches and our team.

Pray that:

  • God will raise up more faithful and wise workers to deal with cultural problems with his word. Polygamy is still very common in their culture. 
  • God will sustain us and help us to prepare for a few programs for the coming days.

Team Leader - Anthony Brammall

Thanks to God for answering prayers and for sustaining us. We have been enjoying our time in Tanzania and everyone has been well.

In the last few days, we've joined in on some Bible study groups, led an international youth group, preached at preaching class at Munguishi Bible College, and lead a Sunday school. Team leader Anthony Brammall also preached at Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday. 

We give thanks to God for:

  • the generosity and hospitality of the missionaries who have been taking care of us.
  • the privilege of enjoying God's creation while going to the safari on Saturday.

We would love prayers for:

  • good weather so that we can visit a remote tribal group on Tuesday.
  • God's guidance while most of us considering cross cultural ministry after college.


Team Leader – Mark Adams

The Ipswich team has been kept busy with Holiday Kidz Club, which has involved more stories from Mark’s gospel, testimonies and small groups, as well as interviews on the topic of Friendship at the parents’ cafe. We wrapped up on Friday night with a BBQ and family games night, which provided lots of fun for all the kids - both big and small! 

Central Church is also seeking to serve both existing rural communities, and up and coming developments. We’ve had the privilege of hearing from their resident church planter who is seeking to start a new congregation in 2019 in Ripley, as well as from the minister who oversees the two rural congregations. It has been a huge encouragement hearing from these men and seeing their heart for the gospel to reach all people. 

Praise God for:

  • The 118 kids who came along this week and heard the gospel, and for those who understood this for the first time.
  • The many varied ministries going on at Central Church and for how they are seeking to display the love of Jesus in all they do.
  • Sustaining us through the week! And for the way we have all been encouraged and challenged both through opportunities to serve and the many conversations with locals here. Pray we would be able to reflect and process well as we return to Sydney.


Team Leader - Pierre Thielemans

This week we've been involved in a number of things here in France! We've had several meetings where we've heard from different workers about the evangelical church and God's work in Europe, France, and in specific districts of Paris. We've had the great joy of meeting with all the workers with World Team France at one of their monthly meetings and sharing in food, conversation, planning, and prayer with them. We caught up with with some SMBC graduates and heard their stories and about their work in France.

We've practised some walk-up evangelism and then headed to a residence for international students to put this into practice. We've had some great conversations with people about Jesus, reality, truth and salvation this week. We've met some of the people who live on the streets of Paris and shared some food, conversation and prayer with them.

And we've just moved to the outskirts of the Paris area where we'll stay with French families for ten days. They've been warm and welcoming to us! 

Please pray:

  • Praise God that he is sovereign and that he is working in France! Although believers with a living faith are few here, the church is growing slowly and churches are being planted. Pray that God would sustain the church and the believers here.
  • Praise God for the good relationships that have been built between workers in France and French people.
  • Pray for the French families we're staying with who have generously opened their homes to us (even though they're not believers). Pray that our presence would be a blessing to them and that God would work through this. Thank God that some of us have had opportunities to share our reasons for studying at Bible college with them.
  • Pray for continued energy as we adjust to new living situations, and as we prepare for our second week of mission. 
  • Pray for the kids holiday camp next week that runs over four days - for faithful teaching and good relationships. Thank God for a large number of kids attending!


Team Leader – Alan Thompson

Team Tuggie has been working hard and taking every opportunity to love, learn and serve the people in the Tuggeranong area.  Here are some of the things that have been happening, and to pray for:


  • As a whole, please pray for the health of the team as many of us are feeling run down with a cold.
  • But we are so thankful to God for the generosity and care of our billets, and one another as a team. 

Workplace Workshop

  • Thank God that many came to discuss and share on how to witness as a Christian at work.

Ladies Growth Group

  • Praise God for an opportunity for SMBC students to share about their lives.
  • Thank God for conversations with a woman going through immense physical suffering.  Pray that she grows as she is seeking to read the Bible with a local woman regularly.

UC (University of Canberra)

  • Praise for the encouraging talk at the university ministry (along with SMBC grad Alex Jones).
  • Praise for the students who were willing to chat with us.


  • A couple of SMBC students learnt how to hunt an elephant and crocodile from a Sudanese local!
  • Praise God for the opportunity to pray with individuals on visitations.

Community Kitchen

  • There’s been a lot of preparation of food - many onions and potatoes have been chopped!
  • Praise that guests engaged with the short Bible talk done by Matt Sharpe.
  • Pray that though there are difficulties getting people to help cook, that this important ministry continues to flourish. 


Team Leader – Jasmine Lee

We are finding it so helpful to be an international team because there are many people in Bowral who don't know about Christians in other nations. Our testimonies from Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Vanuatu, India, Pakistan, and Australia are very encouraging for the church here.

We’ve been able to attend school assemblies and scripture classes. Many of the children said that they'd like to know more about Jesus. They also asked for a church history segment in their history classes! We were able to pray for some of the children who stayed after their chapel service.

We’ve also been door-knocking and promoting the new church plant in Moss Vale called Grace at 4:30pm. Many have said they’d like to come. Plus we’ve enjoyed time visiting a retirement home and fellowshipping with the locals!

Please pray:

  • that the door knocking and giving of flyers would bring more people to the evening service in Moss Vale.
  • for all our billets who have been such amazing hosts.
  • for all the kids in the schools who would like to know more about Jesus.


Team Leader – Ian Maddock

We have really enjoyed the friendliness and hospitality of Williamtown/ Medowie/ Mallabula Anglican with Tanilba Bay Baptist churches as they have welcomed us into their communities. We've had great conversations with the ministers (Davo and Anthony) and continue to learn from their wisdom. 

On Sunday Dan, Diego and Samantha preached faithfully and we later enjoyed a community meal together. We've been involved in Mainly Music, a Bible Study group and presented at two SRE school assemblies. We praise God for the school leaders and their willingness to support SRE in their schools.

Please pray:

  • for the churches here as they continue to reach their communities with the gospel.
  • our team as we present at two more SRE assemblies.
  • for Troy, Louisa and Caleb with their upcoming sermons.
  • that we would show Christ's love in the many activities coming up.


Team Leader – Geoff Harper

The team has been sitting in on pastoral care and nursing home visits over the last couple of days as well as attending church bible studies throughout the week. Some of us have also been providing assistance at the church Op-Shop.

Please pray:

  • for upcoming scripture classes on Thursday which team members are assisting with.
  • for tomorrow morning when we are having a Q&A session with some members of the ministry team about pastoral ministry in a regional town. Pray that we would be enlightened and challenged.
  • for the team assisting with youth group on Friday night, and the upcoming 'teach in' and music workshops being led by SMBC on Saturday.


Team Leader - Malcolm Gill

We’ve enjoyed serving in a range of ways over the last two days. On Monday we spent the day volunteering at Samaritan’s Purse, which included assembling bushfire response kits that are going down to the Tathra region.

Tuesday was our first experience helping to run St Barnabas Westmead’s busy Playtime ministry, attended by 50 unchurched Indian families. Students helped to supervise activities, lead singing time, and teach the kids the story of Jonah. In the afternoon we took part in a guided tour of Sydney Murugan Temple in Westmead.

Please pray:

  • for the work of Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief, and this year’s Operation Christmas Child where they hope to deliver 120,000 gifts to unreached villages worldwide.
  • for the thousands of Hindu believers in and around Westmead to hear and believe that Jesus is the only Way, Truth and Life who makes a single offering for sin through the cross.
  • for Sydney Christians to grow a heart for the lost right at our doorstep. Thousands of men and women from India and other South Asian countries move to Western Sydney each year, but Christians in general are nervous about engaging with our Hindu neighbours.
  • for more people to consider gospel ministry in Western Sydney. The myth that Sydney is “well-resourced” evaporates when confronted with the real need that local churches here have. The harvest is plentiful in Western Sydney, but the labourers are elsewhere!


Team Leader – Kit Barker

The Barraba team is getting a good insight into what ministry in a small NSW country town is like. We are learning lots about the the joys and challenges of rural ministry.

On Sunday two of us had the opportunity to preach in two churches (Barraba, Bingara), teach in kids church, help with music and youth group. So far we've held a scripture assembly and a service at the nursing home. The men were able to meet and share with locals at the men's event and demolish 20 kg of smoked meat.

Praise God for all these events and also for our welcoming and hospitable billets.

Please pray for:

  • Youth gathering on Thursday. We invited the kids at the local high school when we had a sausage sizzle for them. Pray for kids to come to this event, and also longterm to the youth group.
  • Women's event on Thursday - one of our team members will be speaking about horticulture and giving her testimony. Many women said they were coming, several not related to church. Pray for good conversations.
  • Scripture assembly on Friday
  • Two Sunday services (including team members preaching)


Team Leader – Mark Adams

We've had a busy and varied few days up in sunny Queensland! On Sunday we had the pleasure of serving alongside several different congregations of Central Presbyterian Church Ipswich and the two smaller rural services of Forest Hill and Coominya. Felix, Luke and Jared each preached faithfully from Matthews gospel, and Jemma, Claire and Mark were interviewed about life, faith and SMBC!  

Today the annual Holiday Kidz Club kicked off, appropriately themed "Running the Race" in keeping with the Commonwealth Games buzz up here. Praise God for the 100 plus primary kids who have signed up! Excitement and energy were high all morning, with games, singing, stories and craft. Nathan gave a vivid story-telling account of how Jesus healed the paralysed man from Mark 2, and all were involved in discussion groups following. 

Along with Kidz Club, the team has had the awesome opportunity of connecting with different members of the church staff team over lunch each day, to hear about their specific areas of ministry and their joys and struggles along the way. We are very thankful for their willingness to share such gold with us! 

Please pray for the next few days:

  • For the many kids coming along, that they would grow to know and love Jesus more.
  • For faithfulness and wisdom for those in upfront roles over this time, as well as good gospel conversations with kids and adults.
  • For refreshing rest and sleep, that we'd have the energy needed to serve and love well.


Team Leader – Janet Riley

We've been enjoying and adjusting to the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Western Sydney.  We're learning about honour-shame cultures and how the gospel speaks to them, meeting local people and seeking to introduce them to Jesus - on the street, in the library, in cafes and parks, and as we knock on doors. We've been blessed by a team of people who do this more regularly and are sharing some of the things they've learned along the way. 

We'd love your prayers for boldness, courage, gentleness, growing understanding of the people we're among, salty words to speak, the Lord's leading to people who are receptive and his work in their hearts and minds.


Team Leader - Anthony Brammall

We thank God for the rain and we thank God for the sun. Our Tanzania team is getting used to the weather!

Today we observed some Bible college lectures plus a ladies sewing class. We then enjoyed lunch with the lecturers and students.

The team will be leading a few workshops in the coming days. Please pray for wisdom and clarity as we seek to share appropriately and helpfully.


Team Leader - Jonathan James

Our team arrived safely in South East Asia on Saturday evening. We visited two different churches in the city where we got to worship God together with the locals, and connect with them over lunch.

We had a great time at the Museum of Ethnology to learn more about the local culture. In the evening, we enjoyed hotpot at the house of one of our local friends who showed us great hospitality.

Today, we have begun learning the local language which we hope would enable us to initiate conversations with the locals. Tonight, we will be participating in 'English Clubs' organised by the local church.

Please pray:

  • We may have a fun and fruitful time in language learning.
  • We may continue to learn more about the local culture and people in humility.
  • God will enable us to persevere in loving others that we encounter, even when we feel tired.
  • The team will grow closer in our relationship with one another during the trip.
  • For safe travels as we travel to the rural areas of the country to pray for them.

Team Leader - Pierre Thielemans

Most of the team arrived safely in Paris on the Friday and Saturday. But sadly two team members were unable to come in the end because paperwork didn't come through in time - which is a great shame!

We've viewed some of the sites and enjoyed some French culture - which has been lovely! It's been wonderful to see a different part of the world and reflect on the people who live here and God's work in this country.

We met some members of the team we're working with here on Friday and Saturday (World Team, but they're known as France VIE here) and started getting involved in things on Sunday. We went along to different sporting events in the morning (a ping pong competition and an ultimate frisbee game) where we were able to meet people from the community and have some conversations with people in English and some French. Some good connections were made!

We shared lunch with team members in the park after this. We then went along to a choir performance nearby in the afternoon, walked around the neighbourhood, and met up with some workers in one of the districts of Paris on Sunday night where we heard about what church and ministry is like there. It was challenging and encouraging hearing from them and a great time sharing in food and conversation together.

We'd love prayer for energy and recovery from jet-lag, and that God would be working in and through us while we're here. And to thank him for the work and people here in France!


Team Leader – Alan Thompson

We had three services on Sunday - all run by SMBC students.
At Gowrie morning church Chris Bailey spoke on Psalm 4 on resting on God on restless nights, the SMBC crew joined in on the band, and Jo led the service
At Queanbeyan Matt Shape spoke on Jesus fulfilling the law (Luke 5:33-39) and Tim Brookman led the service. We also got to witness an Ethiopian Baptism which was very exciting - including Ethiopian coffee being brewed on site!
At Gowrie night church Jeremy spoke on Luke 4:14-30. We also enjoyed a congregational dinner afterwards with many good conversations.
Prayer Points:

  • A number of students are having meals with non-Christian friends and colleagues so please be praying for good conversations and boldness as they share what they are doing in Canberra.
  • Pray for health for the team - a number of members are not feeling well so pray for healing and more energy especially at the beginning of mission.
  • Monday - Pray for the music workshop where SMBC students will teach music transitions, song introductions and the theology of music as Christians.
  • Tuesday - Street evangelism is happening throughout the week so pray that we might have opportunities to speak to people in their lunch breaks. In the area we will be going to it will be mainly workers and students.
  • The Faith in the Workplace workshop will be run on Tuesday night which will be a forum for people to discuss their experiences in the workplace as a Christian witness and strategies to go about sharing your faith in a hostile world.  Pray that people will be open to be challenged in how they live our their faith.


Team Leader - Malcolm Gill

Westmead Mission team had an action packed first day! We served alongside St Barnabas Westmead  for their morning and evening services. Students helped preach at both services, lead the kids program, read scripture and got to experience the warmth and hospitality of a multi-cultural church family. Senior pastor, George and Jenny Kazogolo shared with students the highs and lows of 20 years of local church ministry in a rapidly changing parish.

Next up is a day volunteering with Samaritans Purse in nearby Seven Hills, then an exciting week of serving in St Barnabas Westmead's Playtime outreach, SRE, Bible studies and after school program. We'll also get the chance to visit Sydney's largest Hindu temple and a surprise team-building activity.
Please pray for:

  • Good relationships with our billet families.
  • Good team building time while serving with Samaritans Purse.
  • Our Playtime team who will be teaching the story of Jonah to 0-5 year olds and their mostly non-Christian families.
  • For our brothers and sisters at St Barnabas Westmead to be encouraged through the week by what God is already doing through them.


Team Leader - Anthony Brammall

  • Praise God for a safe arrival in Tanzania (7/4).
  • Praise God for worshipping the Lord with our African brothers and sisters at the Cathedral (8/4).
  • Thank God for encouraging conversations with a faithful missionary family (8/4). Pray for God's guidance as we reflect on our learning. 
  • ​Bible college visit (9/4). Pray that language barriers won't hinder conversations with lecturers and students.
  • Pray for mutual encouragement!
  • Pray for team energy as they recover from travel.


Team Leader – Pierre Thielemans

Thank God for the opportunity to head cross-culturally and see what God is doing in France. Pray that God would be working in the hearts of people to hear his gospel here. Pray that God would be sustaining the missionaries and believers in France.

  • Pray for those hosting us (non-Christian families!). Pray that we’d be gracious, loving and light-filled witnesses as we live and interact with these people.
  • Pray that our team would prepare well for events (Kid’s Club, music, testimonies) and cross-cultural mission difficulties (language barriers, cultural confusion, fatigue).
  • Pray that we’d have great joy in seeing and engaging with the culture and the people, and that we’d have time to reflect on how God is shaping us through this experience.

Team Leader – Anthony Brammall

  • Pray for openings for us to encourage students, families and teachers at Munguishi Bible College and beyond.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom in working and interacting with people who have little English.
  • Pray for safety in negotiating air and land travel, accommodation and elephants!

Team Leader – Jonathan James

  • Give thanks for local and expat workers, and believers in South East Asia.
  • Pray for our opportunities to see and better understand ministry in this strategically important part of the region.
  • Pray for unity, love and clear communication within our team, and that we’ll be an encouragement and blessing to our hosts and others we meet.
  • Pray that we will enjoy God’s creation and grow in love for the many unreached people here.
  • Pray for safety, health and protection as we travel.

Team Leader – Alan Thompson

  • Pray that we’d be an encouragement to the Presbyterian church at Tuggeranong as well as the small church in nearby Queanbeyan as we participate in all aspects of their Sunday services (music, preaching, kid’s talks), their many mid-week Bible studies, youth group, as well as specific seminars on music and being a Christian in the work place.
  • Pray for wisdom in street evangelism opportunities during the week as well as involvement in schools.
  • Pray that we’d be an encouragement to each other as we serve the Lord together and that he would be glorified.

Team Leader – Geoff Harper

  • Pray for Bega-Tathra Uniting church and other churches in the area, as well as the whole community, as they continue to comes to terms with the devastation caused by the recent fires. Pray that we can be an encouragement and help in their midst.
  • Pray for opportunities for mutual encouragement between our team and the leaders and elders of the church.
  • Pray for those presenting sermons and various talks – for clarity, boldness and good responses.

Team Leader – David Burge

  • Pray that God would use our involvement in the life of Anna Bay Presbyterian for his purposes (preaching, testimonies, Sunday School and through the various speaking events through the week).
  • Pray that God would provide opportunities, and use us fruitfully, at the State and Christian schools and that the challenge of world mission would be taken up by many at the missions conference.

Team Leader – Malcolm Gill

  • Pray for teachable spirits as we sit, listen and learn from those serving at Westmead Anglican.
  • Pray for our time spent with our hosts – that it would be mutually encouraging
  • Pray for the evangelistic outreach of the church, particularly the outreach service, that people would come, hear and respond to the gospel.

Team Leader – Jasmine Lee

  • Give thanks for our very multi-ethnic team. Our group of ten students comes from seven different ethnic backgrounds!
  • Bowral Baptist Church will be launching a new church plant in Moss Vale on the two Sundays we are with them. Pray for all the preparations for this launch and for God to bless and grow his kingdom through this new church.
  • Pray for all the evangelistic opportunities during the week – men’s breakfast, women’s event, Moss Vale street stall – as well as for the growth of believers in love and zeal for the Lord.

Team Leader – Kit Barker

  • Pray that our time with Barraba Anglican would provide helpful insights into life and ministry in country NSW.
  • Pray for the many activities that we’ll be involved in – particularly Scripture assemblies in local schools, and men’s and women’s outreach events.
  • Pray for good connections and conversations with church members and the local community.

Team Leader – Mark Adams

  • Pray for the gospel to be preached and good gospel conversations with unbelievers.
  • Pray for our team to be an encouragement to everyone at Ipswich Central Presbyterian.
  • Pray for organisation and energy to run the Holiday Kid’s Club.

Team Leader – Ian Maddock

  • Pray for our team as we preach eight different sermons across two weekends at four churches – Williamtown, Medowie and Mallabula Anglican Churches, and Tanilba Baptist Church.
  • Pray that we would preach faithfully and clearly and that God’s word would not return to him void.
  • Pray for us as we lead School Scripture Assemblies at four different venues to large numbers of children - that we would be engaging and winsome.

Team Leader – Janet Riley

  • Give thanks for the OM team who are investing in us across the week with training and involvement in our lives.
  • Pray for teachable hearts and courage to try new things.
  • Pray for God to connect us with unbelievers who are ready to hear about Jesus – for boldness and gentleness, and cultural sensitivity as we speak of him.

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