Master of Intercultural Studies

The Master of Intercultural Studies (MICS) is a unique postgraduate offering with a focus on the specialised knowledge and research skills needed for expert intercultural ministry practice. It can be completed completely online or via a blend of online, off-campus and on-campus.


The course is designed to help Christian workers who are currently engaged in cross-cultural ministry to reflect on their ministry in the light of biblical and missiological perspectives. For participants who do a major research project, the course will be a pathway to doctoral studies. 

The MICS was also designed to intentionally develop an inclusive missionary learning community that increases the missiological expertise of the global missionary community without requiring missionaries to leave their place of ministry for extended periods of study.


This course is for those currently serving among people from a different culture than their own, and who are wanting to enhance or sharpen their ministry. They may be serving in cross-cultural ministry overseas, or here in Australia.


By offering many of our units online, we are able to draw on the expertise of missionary academics who are working in the missions community around the world and engage with current global standards of best practice in missions.

"This course has definitely been one of the most helpful I've taken in years and years. So much to think about, and really well structured. I think it's helped me to bed down my passion for effective contextualisation." MICS student

Admission requirements

Completed 3 year bachelor degree or equivalent in any discipline.


Assessment in the MICS is by assignments, not exams. To successfully complete the assignments, students will need to have sustained engagement with, and ministry among, people from a culture other than their own. This would usually mean being able to communicate with them in their heart language. Assignments will focus on the application of unit content to the student's current cross-cultural ministry practice. 

The assignment format will be varied. Examples of the types of assignments are: ministry plans, portfolios of ministry resources, research reports, personal reflections on ministry in relation to readings, essays, audio or video presentations, and participation in varied interactive activities online. Preparation for the assignments will be integrated into the way the unit is taught and will often involve peer review as a collaborative activity online. There will be two or three assignments spread evenly over the semester.


2023 Tuition Fees:
AQF unit levels 8-9 (12 credit points) = $2,802
or $750/unit for audit.
For further details see Costs

Course structure

The course requires 192 credit points at AQF level 8/9 consisting of:

  • 4 core intercultural studies units
  • 4 Bible/Theology/Church History units
  • 4 Evangelism and Missiology (EM) units including a project or capstone
  • 4 further units

Note: Candidates who have completed at least one year of full‐time equivalent study in an undergraduate higher education course in ministry or theology may be eligible to receive 48 credit points advanced standing. Postgraduates may be eligible for up to 96 credit points advanced standing.

1. Core Units

2.  Bible/Theology/Church History (possibly exempt for those who have done prior theological study)

For these 4 foundational units you can choose from:

  • 24 credit points from the following units: OT001‐812, OT002‐812, OT003‐812, BB001‐812, BB002‐812, BB003‐812, NT001‐812, NT002‐812, NT003‐812
  • 12 credit points in CH/TH units at Level 8
  • 12 credit points units at Level 8 from BB/OT/NT/TH/CH
    Note: BB = Biblical Studies, OT = Old Testament, NT = New Testament, TH = Theology, CH = Christianity in History, EM = Evangelism and Missiology

3. Evangelism and Missiology Electives

Your EM electives can be in a range of areas such as church planting, evangelism, spiritual formation, teaching across cultures etc. 

You could also combine some of these with a minor project (1 unit) or a major project (2 or 3 units, which can also provide a pathway to doctoral studies) focusing on an area of your choice that is related to your current ministry. This also requires completing the Research Methods unit.

4. Further Units

Your other 4 units can be chosen from any of the wide variety of level 8/9 units that SMBC offers. See Units

Download the Planned Schedule of MICS Unit Offerings (156KB PDF)

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology. For more information on this course see the ACT course overview and ACT Coursework Course Enrolment Policy.

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