Master of Intercultural Studies

New to SMBC (from 2019) is the Master of Intercultural Studies (MICS). This postgraduate course is a unique and completely online offering with a focus on the specialised knowledge and research skills needed for expert intercultural ministry practice.


The course is designed to help Christian workers who are currently engaged in cross-cultural ministry to reflect on their ministry in the light of biblical and missiological perspectives. For participants who do a major research project, the course will be a pathway to doctoral studies. 

The MICS was also designed to intentionally develop an inclusive missionary learning community that increases the missiological expertise of the global missionary community without requiring missionaries to leave their place of ministry for extended periods of study.


This course is for those currently serving among people from a different culture than their own, and who are wanting to enhance or sharpen their ministry. They may be serving in cross-cultural ministry overseas, or here in Australia.


The MICS will be available through online, or 'distance' study. By offering the degree online, we are able to draw on the expertise of missionary academics who are currently working in the missions community around the world. This increases the course’s credibility and relevance as it engages with current global standards of best practice in missions.

Admission requirements

A Bachelor of Theology (BTh) or Master of Divinity (MDiv), or three years of full-time study (or the part-time equivalent) in Ministry or Theology equivalent.

Course structure

The MICS is designed at AQF Level 9. The course consists of 8 units: 4 core units, 1-3 electives, and a project or capstone.

1. Core Units

  • Contextualisation of Theology and Ministry Practice (EM780) – Evelyn and Richard Hibbert
  • The Gospel, Anthropology, and Ethnographic Research Methods (EM705) – Cathy Hine
  • Making Disciples across Cultures (EM709) – Evelyn Hibbert
  • Developing Resilience and Spiritual Maturity in Intercultural Ministry (EM708) – Jonathan James and Richard Hibbert

2. Electives

One to three units from:

  • Developing leaders across cultures (EM703) – Rob Brynjolfson
  • Ministry in culturally diverse teams (EM752) – Richard Hibbert
  • Church planting across cultures (EM712) – Ed Grudier
  • Effective Christian Education across Cultures (EM706) – Moyra Dale
  • Christian ministry in Islamic contexts (EM707) – Richard Shumack
  • Transformational development (EM711) – David Williams

3. Project or Capstone

Either: a minor project (one unit) focusing on an area of their choice and that is related to their current ministry;

Or: a specially designed integrative capstone experience unit focused on intercultural studies (one unit);

Or: Research Methods (one unit) and a major project (two units) (which can also provide a pathway to doctoral studies).

For more information on this course, please contact Richard Hibbert on +61 2 9747 4780 or email

For details on enrolment, please contact SMBC registrar, Darlene Evans on +61 2 9747 4780 or email

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