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Developing Resilience and Spiritual Maturity in Cross-Cultural Ministry

AQF: 8 online

Postgraduate Unit


This unit will enable participants who are engaged in cross-cultural ministry to understand, reflect on, and think through the personal issues and challenges involved in this ministry. Building on these insights, it will explore principles and resources for responding to these issues and challenges in ways that nurture spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing in themselves, their families and their co-workers.

The assessments in this unit help participants to reflect on their own spiritual resilience and to develop a plan for personal growth. The first task is to articulate a framework for understanding spiritual maturity and resilience in intercultural ministry based on biblical and missiological principles. In the second assessment, these principles are explained to others (e.g. home church supporters). For the final assessment, participants prepare a personal development plan on which a mentor or supervisor provides feedback.

Lecturer: Johan Linder
AQF level: 8
Lecture Mode: online
Available: see Schedule of MICS Unit Offerings 
Credit Points and Costs: 
AEM038-812 = 36hrs - Audit (no assessments) - $630
EM038-812 = 12cp (1 unit) - MICS and other masters level courses - $2520 AUD
Cost: see Study Costs
Note: This is a core unit of the SMBC Master of Intercultural Studies course run by the SMBC Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission. You can study either the whole MICS or just single units of study. You can enrol in a single unit for credit or audit, even if you do not meet the requirements to enrol for the whole course.

Check availability of this unit on the Schedule of Master of Intercultural Studies Unit Offerings. For more detailed information on this unit see the ACT overview

If you are interested in this unit, please contact us to check if it will suit your study needs

Postgraduate online learning at SMBC

At SMBC we believe in Christian community and the importance of learning from each other. Our approach to online teaching and learning is highly interactive. There are a range of different interactive activities including collaborative reading, discussion, peer feedback, creative presentations and the use of a number of different interactive apps. Lecturers present material through written or audio-visual presentations that can be read or watched at times that are convenient for each participant. There are no set weekly times for meeting. Lecturers may occasionally arrange a video conference at a time that suits most participants.

One of the most important things for successful online study is to set aside dedicated time each week and to be disciplined in keeping up-to-date. We advise setting aside approximately 5 hours per week for reading and 3 hours each week to work through the activities online. Extra time should also be set aside for each assessment, budgeting approximately 12 hours for each 1000 words.

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