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Interpreting and Applying Revelation

AQF: 8/9 hybrid, Prerequisites apply

NT033-812i/912i + NT205-912i (Capstone)

"A curious record of the visions of a drug addict." That's how George Bernard Shaw once described the Book of Revelation. Amongst Christians, Revelation is sometimes ignored and sometimes obsessed about. But rarely is the book a positive influence on Christian life and practice. But the book of Revelation was given by God to form disciples for worship and witness. If it does not transform our discipleship, we haven't yet heard its message.

Accordingly, this unit will delve into the interpretation of Revelation with a view to its application in this contemporary cultural moment. We will explore the genre of apocalypse, the nature of apocalyptic rhetoric, and the cultural context of early Christianity in the Roman Empire. We will draw upon a range of exegetical tools and methods to unpack the text. We will also consider how the history of Revelation's interpretation is a source of both insight and error. Finally, we will explore how Revelation might be applied in a secular age, addressing everything from gospel, mission, politics, spiritual warfare, and the cultural posture of the post-Christendom church.

Lecturer: Dr Mark Stephens
AQF level: 8/9
Lecture Mode: hybrid*
Prerequisites: NT033-812 = 24cps NT; NT033-912 = 48cps Level 8, 24cps NT; NT205-912 = 48 cps Level 8; 12cps Level 8 or higher in NT
Enrol by Start Date: Monday 25 April 2022
Lecture Week: Monday 23 - Friday 27 May 2022
End Date: Saturday 27 August 2022
Credit Points:
ANT033 = 36hrs - Audit (no assessments)
NT033-812i = 12 credit points (1 unit) - GDDiv, MDiv, MTS
NT033-912i = 12 credit points (1 unit) - MDiv, MTS
NT205-912i = 12 credit points (1 unit) Capstone - MDiv, MTS
Tuition Fees:
Audit = $726 on-campus*/$653 off-campus*
AQF unit levels 8-9 (12 credit points) = $2,640 (Overseas student = $3,042)
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 units in this mode are delivered face-to-face in the classroom only
Off-Campus: units in this mode are delivered live online-only, that is, a mix of online lectures, videos, activities and interaction with lecturers and fellow students.
Hybrid: units in this mode are delivered both on-campus and off-campus concurrently.

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