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Pentateuch (OT420/430/620/630)

Prerequisites: OT420 = OT301, OT430 = OT301 + LA003A/B, OT620 = OT501, OT630 = OT501 + LA003A/B

2019 Semester 1 Friday Daytime Unit
(Hebrew (OT430/630): also Thursday Daytime)

The Pentateuch is the foundation of all biblical revelation, and indeed, of the entire biblical worldview. How was this part of Scripture designed to impact the lives of ancient Israelites? And how does knowing this help us discern God’s enduring message for today? 

In this unit we’ll seek a deeper grasp of the Pentateuch as a literary whole, giving special attention to the early chapters of Genesis and Deuteronomy. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to a helpful method for interpreting and applying Old Testament texts. This will involve having guided, hands-on opportunities to engage texts in class, as well as writing an exegetical essay on a passage in Genesis 1-11. You’ll also be introduced to historical background and scholarly approaches that are important for understanding the Pentateuch and for using the best Old Testament interpretive tools.

Note: This unit is best taken before other Old Testament exegesis units (400/600 levels). 

Roberts-Dale Campus, 140 Croydon Avenue, Croydon Park 2133

Time & Dates:
Fridays 9.00am-9.50am + 9.55am-10.40am + 11.05am-11.55am + 12.00pm-12.50pm
(OT430/630 also on Thursdays 2.10pm-3.00pm + 3.05pm-3.55pm at Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132)
8 February to 21 June 2019
Lecture breaks and exams are as per the College Calendar

Dr Janson Condren

OT420 = OT301
OT430 = OT301 + LA003A/B
OT620 = OT501
OT630 = OT501 + LA003A/B

Credit Points & Costs:
AOTM420 = 36hr - Audit (no assessments) - $756
COT420 = 36hr - ICCS - $1044
OT420 = 4cp - DipMin(P2), AssocDegMin, BMin, BTh - $2280
OT430 = 4cp - BTh - $2280
OT620 = 4cp - GradDipDiv, MDiv, MACS - $2280
OT630 = 4cp - MDiv - $2280

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