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Personal Life of the Missionary (EM216)

2019 Semester 1 Wednesday Daytime Unit

A study of international development workers probed characteristics needed for a person to be effective overseas. Again and again, researchers found that the most significant factors in cross-cultural effectiveness were not knowledge, language or competency, but: (1) the ability to initiate and sustain interpersonal relationships with the local people; (2) a strong sense of self-identity; and (3) positive, realistic pre-departure expectations.*

We can teach you the Bible, or about Islam, and cross-cultural communication. We can train you in principles and skills of church planting and intercultural teaching. As a missionary, however, unless you also grow strong in your personal life, you are unlikely to persevere or be fruitful. This unit’s purpose is to prepare you for the challenges ahead by helping facilitate and deepen a lifelong process of learning and being moulded into increasing Christ-likeness to enable sustained and faithful cross-cultural ministry.

*Reported by  Duane Elmer in 'Cross-cultural Servanthood'  (Downer’s Grove, IL: IVP, 2006), p96.

Roberts-Dale Campus, 140 Croydon Avenue, Croydon Park 2133

Time & Dates:
Wednesdays 2.30pm-3.20pm + 3.30pm-4.20pm + 4.25pm-5.15pm
6 February to 19 June 2019
Lecture breaks and exams are as per the College Calendar

Jonathan James

Credit Points & Costs:
AEM216 = 36hr Audit (no assessments) – $756
CEM216 = 36hr ICCS – $1044
EM216  = 4cp - DipChrStuds, Dip(P1) - $2280

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