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The Doctrine of God and the Work of Christ

AQF: 6/7/8, Prerequisites: 2x foundational NT/OT units + 1 x CH/TH/PE unit

* Please note: Due to COVID-19, this unit will be offered in 'off-campus mode', that is, a mix of online lectures, videos, activities and interaction with lecturers and fellow students.*

Wednesday Daytime Unit


Theology affects all of life. It is intensely practical. It answers the meaning of life questions such as, “Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I live well?” – by stepping back to see the centrality of God himself to our lives and the universe. As Augustine said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

This unit is an introduction to the study of God and to some of the most important biblical topics, such as: the trustworthiness of Scripture; God’s nature and attributes; the Trinity; Jesus the man who is God, and all that he accomplished for us; the significance of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension; the Bible’s many ways of assuring us of our salvation. This unit is intended to not only sharpen and clarify your thinking about God, but also to love and admire him more deeply for who he is.

AQF level: 6/7/8
Prerequisites: 2x foundational NT/OT units + 1 x CH/TH/PE unit
Times:  Wednesdays 8.30am-9.20am + 11.05am-11.55am + 12.00pm-12.50pm (tutorial 1) + 2.30pm-3.20pm (tutorial 2)
Dates: 22, 29 July; 5, 19, 26 August; 2, 16, 23 September; 14, 21, 28 October; 4, 18(exam) November
Location: Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132
Lecturers: Rev Dr David Burge and Rev Dr Ian Maddock
Credit Points and Costs:
ATH002 = 36hrs - Audit (no assessments) - $792
TH002-612 = 12cp (1 unit) - DipTh, AssocDeg, BMin, BTh - $2400
TH002-712 = 12cp (1 unit) - BMin, BTh - $2400
TH002-812 = 12cp (1 unit) - GDDiv, MDiv, MTS - $2400

If you are interested in this unit, please feel free to contact our registrars for more information. We also encourage you to contact us to ensure your choice of unit is suitable for your level of study or course that you might be working towards.

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