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Wisdom Literature (English)

AQF: 6/7/8 Prerequisite: Old Testament Prophets and Writings


There's something intriguing and appealing about books like Job, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. But then they disorient us. The book of Job is sad, Ecclesiastes is sceptical and Proverbs is self-interested. And they don't seem to be about the gospel.

In this unit we will consider what wisdom is, how other ancient cultures made sense of it and how it fits in the grand message of the Bible. We will turn to Wisdom Literature to understand how we know things, the nature of creation, justice and the ways of God. We will give close attention to passages of Ecclesiastes and, especially, Job. You will gain skills in understanding Old Testament texts as crafted literature, discerning their profound theology and applying them to Christian living today. By the end, you might find that what seemed sad, sceptical and self-interested offers a subversive and liberating joy. 

AQF level: 6/7/8
Corequisite: Old Testament Prophets and Writings
Apply by: Monday 16 March 2020
Start Date: Monday 23 March 2020
Lecture Week: Monday 20 - Friday 24 April 2020, 8.30am–4.30pm
Location: Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132
End Date: Saturday 25 July 2020
LecturerRev Dr Kirk Patston
Credit Points and Costs:
AOT016 = 36hrs - Audit (no assessments) - $792
OT016-612i = 12cp (1 unit) - DipTh, AssocDeg, BMin, BTh - $2400
OT016-712i = 12cp (1 unit) - BMin, BTh - $2400
OT016-812i = 12cp (1 unit) - GDDiv, MACS, MDiv, MTS - $2400

More info:

  • Required readings will be advised on enrolment. You should begin these by the start date and have them completed before lecture week.
  • Initial assignment is due on the first day of lecture week.
  • Lecture week at SMBC includes face-to-face lectures and discussions. Morning tea and lunch are provided each day.
  • Essay/assignments are completed at home after the lecture week (delivered via online).
  • Online access to lecturers available from start date until end date.
  • E-library/library resources available from start date until end date.
  • Limited onsite accommodation at SMBC may be available during the lecture week, with preference given to those travelling from regional locations.

If you are interested in this unit, please feel free to contact our registrars for more information here. We also encourage you to contact us to ensure your choice of unit is suitable for your level of study or course that you might be working towards.



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