Facilities and Campus Maps

Croydon Campus

The main campus is located at:
43 Badminton Road, Croydon NSW

Croydon Campus Map (54KB PDF)
Croydon Campus Non-Residential Students Parking Map (184KB PDF)

Roberts Dale Campus

Located about a 15 minute walk away from the main campus on Badminton Road, is our Roberts Dale adjunct campus. Opened in 2010, it provides much needed lecture and conference facilities.
The campus is located at:
140 Croydon Ave, Croydon Park NSW

Roberts-Dale Campus Map (52KB)

Kerr Library

The JTH Kerr Library contains over 34,000 volumes and subscribes to over 135 journal titles. The strength of our collection is in the biblical studies, theology and missions areas. Each year the collection is enhanced with the addition of over 1000 new titles and improved access to electronic resources. Students currently enrolled may borrow from the collection, while others may use the library as a reference. The resources and comfortable physical environment of the library are complemented by a large team of staff, volunteers and students who are available for reader services whenever the library is open.

Wireless Internet

Throughout the campus, wireless internet access is available for all students.

Complimentary coffee/tea and snacks

Complimentary coffee, tea and snacks are available through the day. Full-Time residential fees include all meals throughout each semester with the exception of Sunday nights, College holiday periods and public holidays. Weekday lunch is provided for non-residential full-time students)

Books and Merchandise

Throughout the year, SMBC Press and merchandise can be purchased through the College office or our online store. Key textbooks for students will be available for sale at the commencement of each semester.


We strive to make our facilities accessible. Here is some helpful information that may assist you in using and moving around our campuses.

Croydon Campus:

Please refer to the Croydon Campus map above.

  • Parking: The designated disabled parking spots at the Croydon Campus are located behind the Administration Centre and underneath the Weekley building. However, any of the Visitor Parking spaces in front of the Administration Centre would also be suitable. Please note that the ramp/driveway behind the Property Office is steep, so wheelchair users would have to assess whether to use it.
  • Lift: There is a lift in the Weekley building, which goes from the basement level to the ground floor and the Library. However, please note that there may not be enough room to turn around in a wheelchair within the lift.
  • Accessible Toilets: Accessible/Ambulant toilets are located next to OL1, near the main Weekley lecture building. There is also an accessible toilet inside the Weekley building, next to Weekley 2. Please note that this can only be accessed via Weekley 2 for wheelchair users or those with walking frames, as there are stairs between Weekley 1 and Weekley 2/3.

Roberts-Dale Campus:

Please refer to the Roberts-Dale Campus map above.

  • The whole campus is accessible via pathways/ramps
  • There is designated disabled parking spots close to access ramps.
  • The accessible toilet is located next to the Library on the upper floor of the main building.
  • Access into all rooms on the upper floor is level and fully accessible, although you may need to go through other classrooms to get access to ones further away.
  • The Roberts-Dale Dining Room and kitchen area are accessible from the lower parking area and the upper parking area. However, people will need to go around via the access ramp near reception and then down the pathway from the disabled parking spot to the dining room.

We strive to provide accessible services and facilities for people with diverse abilities. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Tables can be moved for wheelchairs/mobility aids in most lecture rooms.
  • We can reserve seating at the front of lecture rooms for people with vision impairments.
  • Large letter signage is available.
  • A hearing augmentation system for classes running in Weekley 1 and OL-1 is available upon request.
  • We can move tables to accommodate wheelchair users and other individuals with mobility aids in most lecture rooms.
  • We can reserve seating at the front of lecture rooms for people with vision impairments.
  • We use large letter signage to improve visibility.
  • We provide document scanning for use with screen reader programs.
  • Our toilets are equipped with distress alarms and are accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Most lecture rooms are designed to be wheelchair accessible.
  • We can provide assistance with fetching meals/drinks for individuals who may have difficulty accessing these areas.

However, we recognize that there are potential hazards and areas of improvement in our facilities:

  • The accessible parking spaces are located at a distance from the lecture/study areas on both campuses. While the parking space under Weekley is ideal, please be aware that the driveway is steep, and the turning circle is tight.
  • Accessing Weekley 2/3 from Weekley 1 involves navigating a short flight of stairs or going around the back of the building.
  • There may be challenges accessing the library from the ground floor or parking basement of Weekley due to limited space in the lift.
  • The Admin centre is only accessible by a wheel chair or walker from the rear, and we suggest assessing the route based on the type of wheelchair being used.
  • The slope behind the admin centre and Wheeler Common Room is steep and may not be suitable for unpowered wheelchairs or walkers with wheels.
  • Some areas, including RHG, Weekley Ensuite, Upper Wally, Mission Flat, Laundry, Wheeler Common Room, and upper floors of all accommodation and office areas, are not wheelchair accessible.
  • Maneuvering a wheelchair through the paved Weekley courtyard area and Dining Room can be challenging when many people are present.
  • The tea/coffee making supplies in the Dining Room are at a standard bench height, and the hot water system requires assistance for wheelchair users.
  • The shelves in the general collection area of the Croydon campus library are not wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, but the library is partially accessible for wheelchair users. The library at the Roberts-Dale campus is more wheelchair accessible, with wider shelves.
  • Accessing the dining room/kitchen at Roberts-Dale may be difficult due to narrow pathways and potential obstructions from other cars in the parking area.
  • Getting to all classrooms at Roberts-Dale may require going through other classrooms, particularly B1-4, or backtracking through reception.
  • The accessible toilet at Roberts-Dale is located near the library on the upper floor, which may be challenging for wheelchair users who are in the dining room. The toilets next to the dining room are not accessible for wheelchair users or individuals using a walker.

We are continuously working to improve our facilities and services to be more inclusive and accessible for everyone. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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