Why Study at SMBC?

The Christian life is about following ‘The Way’ – Jesus. We have a ‘race marked out for us’ (Hebrews 12:1). 

None of us knows for sure what the road ahead holds for us, but we can prepare ourselves – building up our spiritual fitness and knowledge of  God‘s word. At SMBC we walk beside you on this part of your journey. We’ll challenge and stretch you, encourage and care for you. We’ll take you:


SMBC’s academic curriculum is founded on, and saturated in, the Bible - the inspired word of God. Study at SMBC will give you a deep and systematic understanding of the Bible, its theology and its application to all aspects of life.
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SMBC is interdenominational – lecturers, staff and students represent various denominational allegiances. There is mutual respect and understanding for differing viewpoints whilst holding to the heart of the gospel message. This, along with our international ‘flavour’, provides a diverse and healthy community to study in.
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Cross-cultural mission is the very DNA of SMBC. With three missiologists on staff, weekly visiting missionaries, a missionary mentoring programme, the SMBC Biennial Missions Conference, plus a broad range of missions units, SMBC excels in preparing its students for ministry across all kinds of cultural boundaries.
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It is a priority of SMBC that in addition to gaining a deep knowledge of the Bible, our students continue to grow in holiness, with lives marked by prayer, love, humility and obedience to God. Time spent in the College community and being mentored by lecturers will help strengthen your Christian character and draw you closer into relationship with Jesus and his people.
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Meet some of our students...

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Hear from some of our graduates...

SMBC graduates share why they chose SMBC and how their time at SMBC prepared them for their ministry.

Mikey & Heidi
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Who will I be studying with?

Men and women come to study at SMBC from all walks of life and backgrounds including teachers, lawyers, various trades, defence, healthcare professionals, engineers, marketing and sales, IT, corporate and business sectors.

While some students come to the College with a specific ministry goal or direction in mind, there are also many for whom the next steps after College is a ‘work in progress’.

What sort of work can I do after College?

SMBC graduates are well recognised by most Christian missions and other organisations as having had excellent preparation for Christian service. A large number of graduates serve cross-culturally overseas and throughout Australia. Many serve in Christian pastoral church leadership ministry in various denominations. Others work among tertiary students, educational or hospital chaplaincy and with various other para-church organisations. Still others return, better equipped, to serve in their local churches or in their chosen trades or professions.

Some, though not all, denominations may require SMBC graduates to undertake further denominational training should they wish to minister and be ordained.

Mission agencies our graduates have served with (but not limited to) are:

In additional to local church ministry, there are also many para-church organisations that graduates work with after College such as (but not limited to):

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