Our prayer is that you’ll be encouraged and challenged in your knowledge and love of God by these articles. We also hope you get a taste of SMBC’s teaching, research and publishing. At the end of each article, we suggest a ‘next step’ that might help to take you deeper into the Bible and further into Christian thought.

30 June 2024

Our Churches’ Untapped Experts

Tim Silberman

Image - Our Churches’ Untapped Experts

My friend James* is constantly speaking to non-Christians about Jesus. He invites them to his house, tells them the gospel, and has seen many young men come to faith. It seems like every time he messages me, he has seen another person become a Christian. But I don’t know many people like James. In fact, as I visit churches in Australia, most people I meet say how hard it is to reach out to their neighbours...

30 May 2024

2 Corinthians always makes it onto my list

Karl Deenick

Image - 2 Corinthians always makes it onto my list

A few times over lunches or dinners at SMBC someone has asked a question like: “If you were trapped on a desert island and could only have 3 books of the Bible with you, which three would it be?” The aim of the question, of course, is not to encourage people to devalue certain parts of the Bible! Rather it’s a fun way of reflecting on those books of the Bible that we have found especially helpful

24 April 2024

John Wesley: Dignity in simplicity

Ian Maddock

Image - John Wesley: Dignity in simplicity

“Given the choice, I’d much rather be a philosophical sluggard, or a wanderer in the academic groves.” That’s how John Wesley, one of the founding fathers of evangelicalism, described himself! Wesley’s natural habitats were the libraries and the lecture halls of Oxford, not the English coal mining towns of Bristol and Newcastle where he spent so much of his life ministering to the marginalised

24 March 2024

Work: A chasing after the wind?

Anna Brotherson

Image - Work: A chasing after the wind?

There’s a story about a young fisherman sitting on a beach on a sunny day, looking out over the rolling waves, listening to the sound of the gulls, and letting the warm sand slip through his fingers. A businessman comes up to him and says, “Why are you being so lazy?  Go out and catch more fish!”

28 February 2024

Is there more to thankfulness?

Alan Thompson

Image - Is there more to thankfulness?

When I was studying at a seminary in Chicago, I got to know an overseas student who I seemed to cross paths with regularly while walking across campus to and from classes. As we passed by or stopped to chat, I’d ask him how he was doing. And his answer was always the same every day

31 January 2024

Don’t sip the Bible. Binge it.

Mark Stephens

Image - Don’t sip the Bible. Binge it.

The shuffle button. We’re all familiar with the shuffle button. When you open up Spotify, or whichever music app takes your fancy, there’s nearly always the option to randomise the playlist. Musicians will hate you for it. So much so that in 2021 Adele successfully petitioned Spotify to get the button removed from albums

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