Our People

Our experienced teaching and pastoral team come from diverse backgrounds of ministry and missionary work. It's not only their academic expertise that will stretch and deepen your biblical thinking, it's their life experience 'on the field' that brings alive what they teach and share.

The team are committed to providing our students with high-quality support and guidance in their studies, as well as spiritual and personal matters. We encourage fruitful discussions and relationships over meals on-campus, and many of our lecturers also live on or near campus, modelling what they teach in their own lives.

Our lecturers are dedicated to staying at the forefront of their fields through continuing academic research, writing, and speaking. We strive for innovative and contemporary teaching methods that are engaging and relevant to our students. We also welcome experienced visiting lecturers from Australia and abroad.

Our management and service team are a true reflection of the interdenominational nature of SMBC, with a rich diversity of experience and skills. They ensure the smooth day-to-day operations of the college while also supporting our lecturers and students.

Teaching and Pastoral

  • Dr Derek Brotherson
  • Rev Anthony Brammall
    Vice Principal
  • Dr Kit Barker
    Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Kristen Young
    Director of Community and Student Care
  • Dr Ed Grudier
    Director of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission
  • Rev Dr Kirk Patston
    Director of the Centre for Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
  • Dr Janson Condren
    Head of Old Testament
  • Rev Dr Rob Smith
    Head of Christian Thought (Acting)
  • Dr Alan Thompson
    Head of New Testament
  • Rachel Ciano
    Lecturer in Christianity in History
  • Heather Condren
    Residential Student Advisor
  • Rev Dr Katy Davis
    Research Fellow
  • Rev Dr Karl Deenick
    Community and Student Care Coordinator
  • Dr Geoff Harper
    Director of Research
  • Jonathan James
    Lecturer in Missions
  • Jasmine Lee
    Lecturer in Christianity in History
  • Rev Dr Ian Maddock
    Lecturer in Christian Thought
  • Rev Dr Alan Mugridge
    Lecturer in New Testament
  • Dr Tim Silberman
    Lecturer in Missions
  • Dr Mark Stephens
    Lecturer in New Testament
  • Rev Dr Rod Thompson
    Lecturer in Practical Theology
  • Matt Vander Heiden
    Lecturer in New Testament and Preaching
  • Jodi Crain
    Fellowship Group Co-Leader
  • Jenny Doust
    Fellowship Group Co-Leader
  • Kathy Grudier
    Fellowship Group Co-Leader
  • Peggy Harley
    Fellowship Group Co-Leader
  • Chris Kotsaris
    Fellowship Group Co-Leader
  • Stephanie Leung
    Fellowship Group Co-Leader

Visiting Lecturers

  • Anna Brotherson
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Paul Dudley
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Tim Dyer
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Ellie Firth
    Christian Mentoring Tutor
  • Rev Dr Malcolm Gill
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Dr Pauline Golder
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Dr Evelyn Hibbert
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Kara Martin
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Rev Dr Peter Moore
    Christian Mentoring Lecturer
  • Colin Noble
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Dr Richard Shumack
    Visiting Lecturer
  • Matt Williams
    Visiting Lecturer

Management and Service Centre

  • Greg Swanton
    Chief Operating Officer
  • David Adams
    Senior Academic Registrar
  • Janet Kirk
    Senior Librarian
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