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Part-Time Application

Apply here for part-time study*

*NOTE: Apply for a unit of study for the first time (which includes enrolling in an ACT course) or for your next unit of study in your current ACT course.
You can also apply to study at SMBC Certificate level or to audit units (study without assessments/exams or gaining credit)

Announcement: Vaccination requirement in place for on-campus attendance in Semester 1, 2022.  

In 2022 our lecturers will be continuing, as we have over the last couple of years, to offer off-campus study (live online classes) to ensure all people who want to study with us, can do so, and continue to do so.

Because of our context, being a residential and community-based college with numerous identified vulnerable to COVID people living onsite (infants, immunocompromised and older people), and to reduce the possibility of a widespread outbreak, the College Board has implemented a temporary requirement for people to be double COVID vaccinated (unless a person has an approved medical exemption) for our on-campus study option in Semester 1, 2022. Further details of SMBC's COVID-19 response can be found here

Here’s an overview of the part-time application process:

1. Confirm2. Plan3. Collect*4. Apply5. Confirm6. Stay in touch

*Here's a helpful checklist of things you may need to complete your application:

  • Evidence of previous study, for example, a PDF scan of your degree or diploma (usually not required for audit students)
  • Your NSW (or equivalent) Working With Children Check (WWCC) number
  • Evidence of Safe Working with Children training (if you're enrolling in a 'DM' unit)
  • A digital passport-style photo
    Note: If you would like to review the SMBC policies (including Code of Conduct) please contact us on email

For information about part-time study, go to Part-Time StudyIntensive Mode Study or Northern Beaches Study

Current available units (with dates and costs):
Intensive mode units
Daytime units
Evening units
Northern Beaches units 

We encourage you to contact our registrars to confirm which course/units might best suit your needs.

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