Principal’s Welcome

I warmly welcome you to SMBC. Choosing to study at Bible College is an important decision and I hope the following information will be of great benefit to you as you prayerfully consider the next steps in your ministry preparation.

Since 1916, Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC) has been training men and women for gospel service. It is a diverse, yet unified community with students and staff representing various denominations and nationalities. Our experienced faculty are selected not only for their academic excellence, but for their strong pastoral and mission experience.

Central to all SMBC courses is the teaching of the Bible, the word of God. When you come to study at SMBC, you will be given a thorough grounding in the scriptures. You will learn to think biblically about theological questions and you will be encouraged to live in obedience to the Word you study.  You will experience learning and teaching that is shaped by rigorous scholarship and research, together with practical training, and spiritual formation.

One of SMBC’s key and differentiating strengths is our strong cross-cultural mission focus. This is relevant for students intending to minister in multicultural Australia (for example, in your work place, in church, in schools or university ministries) and for those intending to serve overseas. Our commitment to mission is seen by our three full-time missiologists on staff, and full-time Missionaries in Residence (serving missionaries seconded to SMBC for a year) providing mentoring assistance to students throughout their time at SMBC. In addition, most weeks during College semesters, missionaries on home assignment live at College for a week encouraging students and presenting the ‘nuts and bolts’ of their own experience as missionaries.  

SMBC welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and levels of academic attainment. While prerequisites apply for our graduate and postgraduate courses, those without prior tertiary education will find challenging and meaningful courses of study that can be tailored to individual needs. For example, the Masters and Bachelor courses at SMBC are rigorous and stretching, while the Diploma offers depth in a more accessible way for those without a strong study history. While it is recommended to have a full-time component of study at SMBC, you can elect to study on a part-time basis.

We want to assist you with your ministry goals. It may be helpful to know that a number of students start their study at SMBC without a clear direction of what to ‘do’ after College, while others have had their initial plans changed by their experience at College. Our graduates testify how their time digging deeper into God’s word, studying under faithful teachers of the Bible and growing in Christian maturity as they lived in community, was a unique period in their lives. What they learnt and experienced has been an enormous benefit particularly when serving among people from different Christian denominations and other cultures, whether in Australia or amongst unreached people groups.

During your study with us, our overriding goal is to see you further moulded by God for Christian service. Importantly, it is also our goal to ensure that you:

  • understand the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • personally apply the gospel in everyday Christian living: that is, growing to be more like Christ; and
  • make individual progress in your ability to communicate the gospel faithfully, compellingly and sensitively to the world.

Ideal times to learn more about SMBC and our courses are at Info Mornings and Evenings and our ‘Dipping In’ evening lectures. However, you are always welcome to visit outside these times and meet with us to plan your study and tour the campus. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dr Derek Brotherson


SMBC, PO Box 83
43 Badminton Road, Croydon NSW 2132
T +61 2 9747 4780
Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC) is an Affiliated College of the Australian College of Theology, CRICOS: 02650E
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