Vision Mission Values and Beliefs


To the glory of God –
Thousands of loving, skilled graduates bringing the light of Christ to a dark and needy world.


We create learning communities through which God prepares his people – theologically, spiritually, and practically – to serve Jesus in diverse contexts and cultures.


We are:

  1. Centred on the Bible
    The Word of God is our guide, our delight, our final authority, and our prized tool for ministry. Therefore, we pursue deep and transformative biblical knowledge, understanding, and application.
  2. Passionate about God’s mission
    We heed the command of Christ to make disciples of all nations. We have a special burden for the least-reached people of the world.
  3. Growing spiritually
    We pursue a Christlike character, godly obedience, courageous faith, and a deepening love for God and neighbour, recognising that these are of the utmost importance for life and ministry.
  4. Community-oriented
    We believe that learning is more satisfying, meaningful, mutual, and transformative when it happens in the context of relationship. Our priorities, activities, and physical spaces reflect this.
  5. Diverse
    We believe that God is glorified and we grow in wisdom and character when the community in which we learn and serve is richly diverse. Our proudly interdenominational community includes men and women from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, levels of education, and life stages.
  6. Focussed on ministry outcomes
    We pursue ministry competencies, personal effectiveness, cultural intelligence, and communication skills appropriate to our contexts. 

What we believe

SMBC holds to and teaches the evangelical understanding of the Christian faith and the full and final authority of the Bible as the revealed Word of God, inspired by the Spirit of God.

SMBC faculty and staff and full-time students subscribe to SMBC’s doctrinal statement.

At SMBC, we believe in:

  • the full and final authority of the Bible as the revealed Word of God;
  • the doctrine of the Trinity;
  • the virgin birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, His sinless life, His atoning death as the ground of our salvation, His resurrection on the third day and His ascension into glory;
  • the personal return of Christ in glory;
  • the universality of sin and humanity’s total inability to save itself from condemnation and the power of evil;
  • salvation by faith in Christ, the only mediator between God and people;
  • the necessity for consecration to God in order to bring forth the fruit of the Spirit;
  • the eternal condemnation of all who refuse the truth and the eternal blessedness of all who respond to the divine revelation;
  • the universal priesthood of believers; and
  • the obligation of all Christians to participate, according to opportunity, in evangelising those who do not have the gospel.
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Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC) is an Affiliated College of the Australian College of Theology, CRICOS: 02650E
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