Minor Prophets - 12 Books to Change Your Life (Published 2009)

By: Various Authors
Format: Soft cover

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When did you last hear the Minor Prophets taught - or when did you last preach from them? It's a common cry: 'We don't hear the Old Testament preached much at our church.

The 12 Minor Prophets are short but immensley relevant words from God. They reveal Jesus to us, and call us to genuine faith and obedience. Luke says of Jesus, 'Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained what was said in all the Scriptures ocncerning himself.'

The Minor Prophets unsettle, rebuke and comfort God's people in the 21st Century as they have in every age. Taught well and applied incisively, they are compelling.

This is a book to help you preach, teach and apply 12 books of the Bible that will change your life - and the lives of those you lead.