Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus

By: Alan J Thompson
Format: Soft cover

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Alan Thompson's aim is to offer a biblical-theological framework for interpreting the book of Acts, so that Luke's major themes may be identified and related to the book as a whole. He especially highlights Acts as an account of the 'continuing story' of God's saving purposes: Luke intends his work to be read in the light of the Old Testament promises and the continuing reign of Christ in the inaugurated kingdom of God.


"... the strength of Dr Thompson's book is that it uncovers the main theological emphases of the book of Acts on the book's own terms. Moreover... he wisely keeps an eye peeled for theological connections with Luke's Gospel. This volume will be a treasure trove for all who seek to understand Acts better, not least those who teach and preach the book" – D. A. Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Table of Contents:

Series preface
Author's preface

Reassurance concerning God's purposes: the purpose(s) of the book of Acts
Excursus: assumptions concerning authorship, audience and interpreting Acts

1. Living 'between the times': the kingdom of God
The sovereignty of God
The kingdom of God
The continuing reign of the Lord Jesus
Suffering: the fullness of the kingdom has yet to come
Excursus: an expositional outline of Acts

2. The hope of Israel: the resurrection and the arrival of the last days
Resurrection hope
Resurrection in Luke's Gospel
Resurrection in Acts
Jesus' death and the resurrection in Acts
Preaching the gospel in Acts
Table 1: Major evangelistic speeches in Acts
Table 2: Verbs used in Acts to describe the action of apostolic preaching
Table 3: Summary descriptions of the message preached in Acts

3. Israel and the Gentiles: the kingdom and God's promises of restoration
Kingdom restoration and Israel? (Acts 1:6-8)
Pentecost and 'all Israel' (Acts 2)
Samaria and the restoration of Israel (Acts 8:1-25)
Outcasts and the restoration of Israel (Acts 8:26-40)
The Servant who restores Israel and brings salvation to the Gentiles (Acts 13:47)
The rebuilding and restoring of David's fallen tent (Acts 15:13-18)

4. The promise of the Father: the gift of the Holy Spirit
The prophetic hope of the Spirit
The kingdom of God and the promised eschatological gift of the Spirit
The Holy Spirit is bestowed by the risen and exalted Lord Jesus
God's empowering presence
A restored people of God
One people of God
Faith, repentance, baptism and the reception of the Spirit in Acts

5. The end of an era: the temple system and its leaders
The debate about the temple in Acts
The Davidic King, the last days and the temple (Acts 1-3)
The temple, temple leadership and Jesus' universal authority (Acts 3-5)
Stephen, the temple and Jesus (Acts 6-7)

6. The end of an era: the law is no longer the direct authority for God's people
The debate about the law in Acts
Jesus: the one to whom the law pointed has now come
Apostolic leadership and authority
Sensitivity to Jewish beliefs about the law

7. Concluding summary

Index of authors
Index of Scripture references
Index of ancient sources