Knowing Who You Are

By: Malcolm Gill
Format: Soft cover

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Throughout the history of the church many excellent books have been written addressing the theological significance of Christian identity. Such works have delineated important doctrines such as adoption, justification and sanctification. While these studies of being ‘in Christ’ have been fruitful, and numerous, they have often neglected one of the most useful tools in understanding Christian identity, namely, the use of metaphor. A search of Scripture reveals that Jesus and his apostles frequently utilised images from everyday life to illustrate spiritual truths about our identity. In this fresh work, Knowing Who You Are, invites the reader to explore eight lesser-known images of Christian identity found the New Testament. Among others, the author investigates how being a Christian is like being a boxer in ancient Corinth, a citizen in Philippi, a farmer in Galilee, and a sheep in a flock. This engaging assessment of first-century images will draw the reader in and leave them challenged, encouraged, and often surprised as they discover afresh what it means to be ‘Christian’.

'Metaphors and identity, pictures at an exposition – that is what Malcolm Gill’s 'Knowing Who You Are' is about. Images can inspire, draw us in reflection, and be anchors for appreciating what God is doing in and through us. Here are eight insightful portraits about journeying with God. Read and discover more about who you are.'
DARRELL BOCK, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement.

'This beautifully written book is full of biblical instruction, historical illustration, and practical wisdom on what it means to be a genuine disciple of Jesus.'
WILLIAM TAYLOR, Rector, St. Helen’s Bishopgate, London.

'Gill serves as an able tour guide, walking us through eight aspects of identity presented to us in the Scriptures. This helpful and easy-to-digest book not only helps us understand the many metaphors the Bible uses to tell us who we are and how we should live, it implants in us a longing to live that way.'
NANCY GUTHRIE, Bible teacher and author.

'I love what Malcolm Gill has done here. In a book full of engaging stories and keen observations, Malcolm has focused us on the all-important task of knowing who we are in Christ … I am confident you will enjoy it as much as I did.'
JIM SAMRA, Senior Pastor, Calvary Church, Grand Rapids.

' often think we need more forthright, succinct, and theologically-rich books. This is exactly what Malcolm Gill has provided in this work. Gill weaves together thoughtful Scriptural commentary, meaningful personal stories and anecdotes, and helpful application and encouragement.  A great book to put into the hands of someone eager to understand what it means to find one’s identity in Christ.'
BRADLEY G. GREEN, Associate Professor of Christian Thought and Tradition, Union University.