Out of Darkness

By: Anthony C. Brammall
Format: Hard cover

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The story of one man’s vision,  the college he established, and the people – gripped by the love of God in Christ – who have taken the gospel out into the darkness of the world for 100 years.   

SMBC founder, Rev Benson Barnett, aimed to give students ‘such experiential knowledge of God, that they shall truly know Him, and go out and be strong and do exploits, as a result of that knowledge… We hold to the whole Word of God, and the love of God as revealed in Christ Jesus. People must know God, if they are to preach or teach about Him…and if we teach and preach the Word, the Holy Spirit will give enlightenment to those who will listen to Him…Not only are we a Bible College, but we are a Missionary College, sending forth the message of salvation to all the ends of the earth.’

This beautifully bound hard cover publication is brimming with stories and photos spanning the 100 year history of God's great goodness to SMBC.

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