Teaching Leviticus: From Text to Message

By: G. Geoffrey Harper
Format: Soft cover

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Teaching Leviticus: From Text to Message

The book of Leviticus remains a mystery to many Christians, which is a great pity, for Leviticus is not only theologically rich, but also essential for grasping the full-orbed message of the gospel. The book's central concern is clear: preparing people to live near Yahweh's presence and survive the encounter; yet the message of Leviticus remains one of grace. It is God who desires to live with his people, and it is God who provides means and instructions to make such an arrangement possible.

Geoff Harper's guide to this complex but crucial book will be helpful to small group leaders and preachers who want to teach Leviticus but are unsure where to start. Read the introduction here

This series is designed to help the pastor/preacher, a small group leader or a youth worker teach their way through a Biblical book. It will help you in planning and executing a lesson advising on background, structure, key points and application.


"This is a brilliant book!... worth getting simply for the masterly introduction with its overview of the Pentateuch and excellent advice on how to preach Christian messages from the Old Testament." – John Samuel, Senior Minister, Duke Street Church, Richmond, London.

"With wisdom and warmth, 'Teaching Leviticus' not only provides a resource for understanding Leviticus, but it also gives impetus as to why we ought to preach and teach it." - Malcolm J. Gill, Associate Minister, St Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney Australia.

"This book is easy-to-read, witty and winsome, and gave me many ah-ha moments. I can finally read and understand Leviticus and see how it relates to me today." – Sam Chan, City Bible Forum, Sydney Australia.

"...handles the details well while helpfully staying focused on the big picture of the text. Harper has given us a true gift for teaching or preaching through Leviticus!" – Jay Sklar, Professor of Old Testament and Vice President of Academics, Covenant Theological Seminary, Creve Coeur, Missouri.

"… shows that Leviticus is a vital book for the life of the Church. At its heart is the joyful possibility of life with God, many of the sacrificial rituals expressing this in terms of intimate fellowship. The aim of Leviticus is to foster the holiness of the people of God. And to be holy is also to be joyful." – Gordon McConville, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament Theology, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham