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SALT - Podcast

Conversations with Jenny

Join Jenny Salt as she takes you deeper into the lives of 'ordinary' people with heart warming, sometimes challenging and always distinctive gospel stories.

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11 March 2020    Episode 11 - This is big, but God is bigger - Kirsty

Kirsty is a country girl from Bega with a deep love for her family, beginning with her identical twin sister. Together they've shared everything from schoolyard pranks to careers in physiotherapy, and a path that led to Bible college. There they also met the very different men God had set aside for them. And when Kirsty's husband suffered a tragic accident, she tells Jenny Salt it was their mutual faith that would deliver fresh hope in the midst of painful struggles.

Length: 34:08   Download   Listen

6 March 2020    Episode 10 - “Can we trust God with this?” - Helen

When huge challenge is followed by huge challenge, how do you manage to hold on to God? As the trials mounted, Helen Thomas had to ask herself again and again, "Can we trust God with this?"

Length: 41:39   Download   Listen

2 December 2019    Episode 9 - Nothing is wasted in God’s economy - Stephen

In this episode, Jenny chats with Stephen Liggins: author, pastor, lecturer and even a medal winner in the world masters athletics! Hear how God has used all of this in His purposes.

Length: 30:29   Download   Listen

4 November 2019    Episode 8 - A childhood silence that gave way to words of life - Darlene

In this episode, Jenny chats with Darlene Evans about growing up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t a typical Christian home nor a typical childhood. Married by the age of 17 and a mother of 4 by the age of 26, Darlene’s life has taken many turns, including later in her life, communicating the gospel to those who would otherwise never hear it.

(Or read the transcript here (500KB PDF))

Length: 30:41   Download   Listen

1 October 2019    Episode 7 - Reflections on life in the shadow of death - Richard

In this episode, Jenny chats with Richard Hibbert about life and ministry in Turkey and Bulgaria (among other places), someone with an ever-present taste for adventure, and his reflections on life in the shadow of death.

Length: 30:37   Download   Listen

3 September 2019    Episode 6 - Early morning ministry - Sam

In this episode, Jenny chats with Sam Robinson about what it's like to be a Sydney breakfast radio announcer, and reflecting on a life with lots of surprising turns.

Length: 29:25   Download   Listen

6 August 2019    Episode 5 - Unexpected journeys - Amy

Join Jenny as she chats with Amy Vink who reflects on her life as a wife, mum and missionary... unexpected journeys with the God who is always faithful.

Length: 31:37   Download   Listen

9 July 2019    Episode 4 - The joy of disability - Kirk

In this episode, Jenny catches up with Kirk Patston, SMBC Old Testament lecturer to chat about life with disability - a focus of disability that says it's neither strategic or efficient, but can even bring joy.

Length: 28:50   Download   Listen

3 June 2019    Episode 3 - A heart for Catholicism - Rachel

Jenny has a conversation with Rachel Ciano, who wears many hats - including wife, mother and church history lecturer with a keen interest in the Reformation.

Length: 34:09   Download   Listen

7 May 2019    Episode 2 - Cultural revolution to personal revolution - Rebecca

Jenny chats with a professional violin player, Rebecca Irwin, about performing and coming to faith.

Length: 34:30   Download   Listen

9 April 2019    Episode 1 - God’s gardener - Nicole

In this episode, Jenny chats with Nicole who runs her own gardening business – a business that’s been growing and thriving throughout the northwest of Sydney over the 20 years.

Length: 24:56   Download   Listen

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