Associate Degree of Ministry (AssocDegMin)

Admission requirements: ATAR of 65+ or evidence of academic suitability


The AssocDegMin is offered through the SMBC Centre for Cross-Cultural Mission and provides a great balance of study in Bible, Church History, Theology and Missions. Cross-cultural fieldwork is a required component of this course, providing you with the opportunity to experience and reflect on ministry in a cultural context different to your own, either within Australia or overseas. Preparation and supervision are required, and you will also be required to prepare reflection papers and ministry reports on completion of the ministry assignment. This practical experience will enable you to identify your own gifts and abilities and discover possible cross cultural ministry vocations.


This is a 2 year full-time or maximum 6 year part-time course. If you choose the part-time study option it is strongly recommended to factor a full-time component (at least 2 semesters) into your course of study.

Admission Requirements

The satisfactory completion of Year 12 (with an ATAR of at least 65) in an Australian school system or equivalent, is a prerequisite for entry into this course. However, if you have not completed Year 12, mature age entry (21 and above) will be favourably considered. There may be English proficiency prerequisites if your first language is not English.

Credit Points

The AssocDegMin requires the completion of 64 credit points at 300-400 level (16 undergraduate level units).

Of Note

Extra costs for travel and participation in your fieldwork will be incurred (not eligible to be put against FEE-HELP).

Credit gained from the AssocDegMin can be transferred towards the Bachelor of Theology within 10 years of completion.

SMBC Full-Time Course Structure (text) or chart

SMBC Part-Time Course Structure

Unit (Subject) Codes and Descriptions

For more detailed information on this course see the ACT course overview. (SMBC is an affiliated college with the Australian College of Theology (ACT))



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