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Teaching in Intercultural Settings

AQF: 6/7/8/9, on-campus

Wednesday Daytime Unit

EM014-612/712/812 + EM205-912 (Capstone) + EM206-912 (Specialised Studies)

Are you teaching, training, or discipling anyone from a different cultural background than your own? Or do you think you might be in the next few years? If so, this unit is designed to equip you to do this well.

We will explore biblical concepts, principles, and examples of teaching and learning, engage with key adult education theorists and practitioners from both western and non-western contexts, and examine case studies of cross-cultural teaching and learning. By evaluating and integrating insights gleaned from these different areas, you will develop an integrated philosophy of intercultural teaching and learning and apply it to create an educational plan for a specific cultural context.

Lecturer: Jonathan James
AQF level: 6/7/8/9
Lecture Mode: on-campus*
EM205-912 = 48 level 8 credit points with 12 level 8 (or higher) credit points in EM; 
EM206-912 = 48 level 8 credit points with 24 credit points in EM
Times: Wednesdays 2.20pm-3.10pm + 3.15pm-4.05pm + 4.10pm-5.00pm
Dates: 17, 24 July; 7, 14, 21 August; 4, 11, 18, 25 September; 16, 30 October; 6 November 2024 (Exam period = 18-22 November)
Location: Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132 + online via Zoom
Credit Points:
AEM014 = 36hrs - Audit (no assessments)
EM014-612= 12 credit points (1 unit) - DipCS, DipMin, DipTh, AdDipMin, AdDipTh, AssocDegMin, AssocDegTh, BMin, BTh, BDiv
EM014-712 = 12 credit points (1 unit) - BMin, BTh, BDiv
EM014-812 = 12 credit points (1 unit) - BMin/Th(Hons), GDDiv, MMin, MDiv, MICS, MTS
EM205-912 = 12 credit points (1 unit) Capstone - MMin, MDiv, MICS, MTS
EM206-912 = 12 credit points (1 unit) Specialised Studies - MMin, MDiv, MICS, MTS
Tuition Fees:
Audit = $445
AQF unit levels 5-7 (12 credit points) = $2,784 (Overseas student = $3,207)
AQF unit levels 8-9 (12 credit points) = $2,976 (Overseas student = $3,426)
For further details see Costs

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 units in this mode are delivered face-to-face in the classroom only
Off-Campus: units in this mode are delivered live online only, that is, a mix of online lectures, videos, activities and interaction with lecturers and fellow students.
Hybrid: units in this mode are delivered both on-campus and off-campus concurrently.

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