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Units (Subjects)

See below for the individual units (subjects) currently available. Please go to Courses for information on our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We encourage you to contact our registrars to start a conversation about what units might best suit your needs.

Note: Due to COVID-19, Semester 1 2021 units will be available in one of the following modes:

  • On-Campus: units in this mode are delivered face-to-face in the classroom only, with a limit on numbers.
  • Off-Campus: units in this mode are delivered live online only, that is, a mix of online lectures, videos, activities and interaction with lecturers and fellow students.
  • Hybrid: units in this mode are delivered both on-campus (limited face-to-face numbers) and off-campus (live online) concurrently.

AQF levels (Australian Qualifications Framework) specify the standards for educational qualifications:
AQF 5 = Foundational undergraduate level
AQF 6 = Advanced undergraduate level
AQF 7 = Advanced undergraduate level + Foundational postgraduate level
AQF 8 = Advanced postgraduate level
AQF 9 = Advanced postgraduate level
AQF 10 = Doctorate postgraduate level
Here's a helpful chart with more AQF levels information


Intensive Units

Christianity in History from 1550

Australian College of Theology Unit AQF: 5/7

Lecture Week: 28 September - 3 October 2020

We can only properly make sense of our present if we understand our past. Our numerous Protestant denominations only make sense if we understand the Reformation of the 16th Century. Whether we identify ourselves as modern or post-modern, we are indebted to the Enlightenment of the 18th Century. Our ability to understand the American Presidential race depends in part on how we well we have grasped the rise of fundamentalism in the 19th Century...

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Christian Ethics

Australian College of Theology Unit AQF: 5/7 hybrid

Lecture Week: Monday 18 – Friday 22 January 2021


What does it mean to live a life worthy of the gospel? How can we properly discern what is ‘right’ and ‘good’ in our post-Christian world? How are we to apply our understanding of God’s will to the complex ethical questions facing Christians today?...

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The Church and its Ministry

Australian College of Theology Unit AQF: 6/7/8/9 hybrid, Corequisites: 6cps TH/CH/PE + 24cps OT/NT/BB

Lecture Week: Thursday 14 – Friday 16 + Monday 18 – Wednesday 20 January 2021

TH104-612i/712i/812i + TH205-912i (Capstone)

For Christians, church is a central part of life. But what, according to the Bible, is the church? What is it we are seeking to do when we gather? What is the church’s nature and essential marks? In this unit we’ll explore the many facets of what church ministry is...

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Early New Testament Church

Australian College of Theology Unit AQF: 5/7 hybrid

Lecture Week: Tuesday 6 – Saturday 10 April 2021


The church is far from perfect; whether we have in mind the early church or the church today. How did the church get started? What issues did those first Christians struggle with? How did God use his people to spread the light of the gospel from its beginnings in Judea and Jerusalem to the very heart of the Roman Empire?..

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Preaching I

Australian College of Theology Unit AQF: 6/7/8 hybrid

Lecture Week: Tuesday 6 – Saturday 10 April 2021


There are not many more important responsibilities in the life of the church than the task of preaching God's word. Whether it is speaking to children, youth, at evangelistic outreaches, or to a Sunday congregation, communicating God's timeless truth in the Bible with accuracy, pastoral warmth, and relevance is a challenging task that requires diligence, prayer, and hard work. But where do you start? What is the process of moving from the ancient text to the modern world?..

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Teaching in Intercultural Settings

Australian College of Theology Unit AQF: 6/7/8/9 hybrid

Lecture Week: Monday 5 – Saturday 10 July 2021

EM014-612i/712i/812i + EM205-912i (Capstone)

Are you teaching, training, or discipling anyone from a different cultural background than your own? Or do you think you might be in the next few years? If so, this unit is designed to equip you to do this well. We will explore biblical concepts, principles, and examples of teaching and learning, engage with key adult education theorists and practitioners from both western and non-western contexts, and examine case studies of cross-cultural teaching and learning...

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Jesus and the Gospels

Australian College of Theology Unit AQF: 5/7 hybrid

Lecture Week: Monday 20 – Saturday 25 September 2021


Being a Christian involves ‘following’ the Lord Jesus, not around Galilee and Judea, but in the course of our daily lives. The four Gospels provide four different records of what Jesus said and did. They are the foundation for knowing and understanding what he has done for us, as well as what he said about God and his will. If we really want to ‘follow’ Jesus, if we really want to be salt and light in our world, then the Gospels need to be our regular reading matter...

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