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Bible Talks

Principal’s Hour is held each Wednesday at SMBC during term time. The recording includes prayers, readings, interviews and discussions, as well as the main Bible talk. They are available as audio files for listening online or via download. Sometimes they are also available as video files for watching online (on Vimeo). You can also subscribe to the podcast here.
They're great to use for your own encouragement, or in your Bible study group or church.

20 May 2009    Jonathan Dykes

Luke 7:18-23 - The Ordinary Messiah?

Length: 52:16   Download   Listen

13 May 2009    David Cook

Luke 12:13-21 - What is successful Living?

Length: 46:27   Download   Listen

29 April 2009    Malcolm Gill

Luke 12:22-34 - The Pursuit of Real Treasure

Length: 50:23   Download   Listen

22 April 2009    Malcolm Gill

Luke 11:37-12:7 - The Poison of Hypocrisy

Length: 55:58   Download   Listen

25 March 2009    David Cook

Psalm 119 - The Non-depreciating Asset

Length: 52:48   Download   Listen

18 March 2009    David Cook

Psalm 139 - The Omni God

Length: 50:42   Download   Listen

4 March 2009    David Cook

Psalm 51 - The Anatomy of a One Night Stand

Length: 53:13   Download   Listen

25 February 2009    David Cook

Psalm 36 - Being Godly in the Midst of Godlessness

Length: 53:55   Download   Listen

18 February 2009    David Cook

Psalm 2 - The Mission Psalm

Length: 53:12   Download   Listen

11 February 2009    David Cook

Psalm 1, 150 - The Happy Person

Length: 52:20   Download   Listen