Bible Talks

This collection includes talks from SMBC conferences, including video and audio recordings.

To access online media sets with video recordings, visit the conference pages below and download a PDF with the conference booklet or event flyer. This PDF will include a private link and password for watching the conference recordings online via Vimeo. We plan to make more video sets from recent years available.

with the Family in Mind

SMBC 2023 Children's Ministry Conference

Just as children come in lots of shapes and sizes, so do our families. When the kids come to our church, school or holiday ministries, they’re coming to us from different family contexts. And when they leave our ministries at the end of the fun and the stories and the Bible lessons, they go back to those varied contexts too.  So how do we minister to children and care for families? How can we help families to keep those important lessons about God and Jesus in kids’ minds long after the craft and activities are done? Learn from international expert Ed Drew and a host of other children’s ministry professionals on the topic of how to minister to children, with families in mind. 

The Invitation

SMBC 2023 Women's Conference

In Luke 14-18, Jesus brings a joyful invitation. His invitation extends to the broken and weak, to rebels who are ready to come home. Come and see our good and gracious God who welcomes the small, the forgotten, and the sinners — and who makes them His own. Come to feast with your brothers and sisters in the community of grace. Come to be found. Come as a little child to Jesus’ feet with open hearts and joyful anticipation. God’s invitation awaits...

My God is so big: Helping kids discover all the character of God

SMBC 2022 Children's Ministry Conference

God is loving and wrathful. He forgives and condemns. He finds delight in us and is grieved by us. Our God is wonderfully big and complex – but not contradictory. Every part of his character is necessary and good. And our kids need to know him - all of him. With this recording of the livestream of the SMBC 2022 Children's Ministry Conference we hope you'll be encouraged in ways to help kids discover their BIG God!

Friends with God - Unpacking Exodus with Kids

SMBC 2021 Children's Ministry Conference

Dig deep into the amazing Bible story of the Exodus where God offers his people his friendship. Learn fun and relevant ways of sharing this with the children in your life.

Hot Topics Series 14

SMBC 2021 Hot Topics

A set of talks on different hot topics - ideal for those who want their hearts and minds challenged biblically.

Under the Sun

SMBC 2019 Women's Conference

Hearing God's word from the book of Ecclesiastes.

These conference links include audio recordings from 2009 to 2020.

2020 Women's Conference (3 talks)

2019 Preaching Conference (17 talks)

2019 Children's Ministry Conference (3 talks)

2019 Women's Conference (3 talks)

2018 Missions Conference (8 talks)

2018 Children's Ministry Conference (4 talks)

2018 Women's Conference (3 talks)

2017 Preaching Conference (16 talks)

2017 Children's Ministry Conference (4 talks)

2017 Women's Conference (3 talks)

2016 Missions Conference (6 talks)

2016 Children's Ministry Conference (3 talks)

2016 Women's Conference (3 talks)

2015 Preaching Conference (20 talks)

2015 Children's Ministry Conference (3 talks)

2015 Women's Conference (3 talks)

2014 Missions Conference (10 talks)

2014 Women's Conference (3 talks)

2009 Preaching Conference (6 talks)

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