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The Invitation

SMBC 2023 Women's Conference

In Luke 14-18, Jesus brings a joyful invitation. His invitation extends to the broken and weak, to rebels who are ready to come home. Come and see our good and gracious God who welcomes the small, the forgotten, and the sinners — and who makes them His own. Come to feast with your brothers and sisters in the community of grace. Come to be found. Come as a little child to Jesus’ feet with open hearts and joyful anticipation. God’s invitation awaits...


  • The Invitation: Come to the Table - Luke 14:1-24 with Kristen Young
  • The Invitation: The Risk of Rejection - Luke 15:1-32 with Anna Brotherson
  • The Invitation: Two Stories - Luke 18:9-17 with Christine Dillon
SMBC 2023 Women’s Conference
Kristen Young, Anna Brotherson, Christine Dillon
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