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With the Family in Mind

SMBC 2023 Children's Ministry Conference

Just as children come in lots of shapes and sizes, so do our families. When the kids come to our church, school or holiday ministries, they’re coming to us from different family contexts. And when they leave our ministries at the end of the fun and the stories and the Bible lessons, they go back to those varied contexts too.  

So how do we minister to children and care for families? How can we help families to keep those important lessons about God and Jesus in kids’ minds long after the craft and activities are done?

Join us as we learn from international expert Ed Drew (Faith in Kids), and a host of other children’s ministry professionals on the topic of how to minister to children, with families in mind. 


  • The Continuity of the Gospel (Colossians 2:6-15) - Mark Stephens
  • Quiz Worx Presentation
  • Children's Ministry with Families in Mind - Ed Drew
  • Seminar 1: Kid’s Church with the family in mind – Steph Kyme & Kerryn Rudder
  • Seminar 2: Kid’s club and holiday programs with the family in mind – Adam Jolliffe
SMBC 2023 Children’s Ministry Conference
Ed Drew, Mark Stephens, Quiz Worx, Steph Kyme, Kerryn Rudder, Adam Jolliffe
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