Audit Study

If you simply want to grow your knowledge and love of God, and you’re not interested in doing assessments and exams to earn credit toward a course, then audit study is a great option.

Audit study gives you the advantage of studying with SMBC, but without the assessment load. You can enrol in either an ACT or SMBC certificate unit but will not receive academic credit or have your learning assessed. This means that at the end of your studies you will not receive a certificate or transcript. You will, however, have access to all the same learning content as students studying for credit, including online resources through the SMBC Kerr Library and Moodle page.

Expectations of an Audit Student

There are no prerequisite requirements for those who are studying at audit level, however, it may be wise for you to study foundational units before progressing to advanced theology and biblical units. We strongly encourage you to attend all classes and to work hard at completing the required exercises for the sake of your own learning and that of your classmates. You may like to do the unit assessments, but they will not be marked by the lecturers.

If you decide you would like to do the assessments and have them marked you will then need to enrol as a certificate student in the same unit. Certificate enrolments are charged at a higher rate and have pass/fail graded assessments. See Introductory Certificate in Christian Studies (ICCS) for further details concerning certificate enrolments. 

Note: Foundational language units (LA003, LA004, LA005, LA006) cannot be enrolled in as audit students but can be studied as certificate enrolments in the ICCS course. 

Audit costs

Audit study is priced according to the type of unit – Certificate (1 lecture hour per week), ACT and ACT higher level units (for example, some intensive units). Note: If you enrol as an Audit student in an intensive of any type your fee does not include lunches (as it does for ACT enrolments ) and you will need to purchase these separately.
For further details see Costs and individual Unit pages

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