Off-Campus Study

SMBC off-campus study (for Part-Time study only) is more than just online study. It includes participation and interaction with lecturers and fellow students in live classes. We see studying in community, with all the discussion and insights that brings, as key to growing not only your theological knowledge but your Christian character.

Some of our classes are held just for off-campus students, but many are held in hybrid mode – that is, a mix of on-campus and off-campus students. Through the use of video conferencing technology, everyone can see and hear everyone else in the class!

No matter where you are – in Australia, or around the world – as long as you can adjust to Sydney time (as you will need to be available to attend each class live), you’re welcome to join many of our classes and progress through your diploma, bachelor or masters course, or even just to audit classes that are of interest to you. You will need a computer and a good internet connection.

Note: It is possible to study a mix of on-campus and off-campus units at one time, but you must stick to one study mode per unit.  

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Successful learning as an off-campus student

We ask that you consider carefully if off-campus mode study is an appropriate choice for your skill set and circumstances before enrolling in a unit. 

Online learning relies heavily on self-discipline. Although you'll have classes online at regular times, off-campus students need to be especially clear and intentional in forming and maintaining their own patterns beyond these scheduled classes. You'll need to maintain good study habits and routines.

We encourage you to make time each week to not only attend class online, but also complete your readings and engage with online material. This needs to be focussed, uncompromised time. Finding ways to continue meeting with other students online outside of class time will also be helpful.

If you would like further advice about this, we encourage you to be in contact with your lecturers, to check information available on the Off-Campus Study Hub, and to contact our registrars.

Tools for Online Learning

Online learning involves a new set of tools and technologies. More detailed training and notes about the platforms used at SMBC (especially Moodle and Zoom) are available on the Student Moodle 'Learning Online' page for enrolled students. Each SMBC unit has a Moodle class, and lecturers will be using Zoom for classes with off-campus students.

When accessing platforms for online study, you should consider these key tools/factors:

  • Quiet Space - a set aside study space with the best ergonomics (chair and desk) you can manage for regular use;
  • Device - a laptop, desktop or tablet;
  • Speakers/headphones - speakers can work fine, but headphones or a headset might allow you to focus better;
  • Microphone - may be built into your laptop/tablet, or come as part of a headset or webcam;
  • Camera may be built into your device, or an external webcam. We encourage students to have their camera on during class where possible and appropriate.
  • Internet Access - especially considering these aspects:
    Stable bandwidth - how much data you can receive and send at once;
    Data limits - how much data you download and upload overall.
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