Part-Time Study

In today's busy world part-time study can often be the most realistic option for some people. Most of the courses offered at SMBC can be studied on a part-time basis during the day, evening or by intensive mode study. Part-time study is either one or two units (subjects) per semester. Units can be taken during the day, evening, in intensive mode, or as a combination of these modes. For more information, check the FAQ's  below.

With the variety of courses available, we do recommend you contact us to chat about what might be the best options and units to study as part of your part-time study program. We're here to help and guide you through your part-time study course selection and the goals you hope to achieve... so please don't hesitate to contact our registrars for more information here

Please note: Part-time accredited study through the Australian College of Theology is not available to overseas students.





Part-Time Study FAQs

When do I have to enrol ?

Ideally, we’d like you to enrol for your part-time unit (subject) well before the first week of lectures in the semester. The date for the start of Semester 1 is usually early February and mid July for Semester 2 (see College Calendar). However, it is possible to enrol after these dates – just check with us for details, to avoid a late fee. Note: Intensive-mode enrolment dates are generally one month prior to the week-long lectures because of the pre-course reading and assessment.

How many units (subjects) can I study and still be a part-time student?

Part-time study at SMBC is generally defined as being one or two units (subjects) per semester or up to six lecture hours per week.

Is it possible to complete an entire course through part-time study?

Yes. While it is preferable to have a full-time component in your study program at SMBC, you can complete our courses on a part-time basis. If you are thinking of full-time study ‘down the track’, consider studying one or two units (subjects) part-time first, as this can reduce your full-time study load. Please contact our registrars for more information here

Can I study part-time during the day?

Yes. Many of our part-time students study during the day. See Units (Subjects)

How else can I study on a part-time basis?

During the evening at SMBC Croydon or at our Northern Beaches Centre or by Intensive Mode Study.

What does ‘intensive mode’ mean?

Effectively it is study at home, with a week at SMBC for face-to-face teaching. During the lecture week, you complete a whole semester of lectures for one unit (subject). So it’s ideal if you’re in full-time employment or live a distance from Sydney. Enjoy the best of both worlds, with reading and assignments completed at home in your own time (with e-library access) plus a focussed week of teaching and discussion with your lecturer and fellow students. Learn more at Intensive Mode Study

I’m retired. Is it possible for me to study part-time?

Yes. And you can also apply to study full-time too! Another option is our Wednesday mornings Associates Program

I’ve just left school. Can I study part-time?

Yes. We also strongly recommend you check out SMBC’s one year program called The Bridge

I’m not sure what or where to start – who can I chat with?

The best way to start is to chat with one of our experienced registrars (who have both studied at Bible college so they really know what it’s like starting out!). Contact our registrars for more information here or if you live near, drop by for a chat.

Who is the Australian College of Theology and what is its relationship with SMBC?

The Australian College of Theology Limited (ACT) is a self-accrediting national higher education provider. It operates as a consortium of independent affiliated colleges. SMBC is an affiliated college of the ACT. All ACT awards are taught by SMBC teaching staff and lectures are held at the SMBC Croydon Campus, Roberts-Dale Campus or Northern Beaches Centre.

What does it cost to study?

It really depends on what you want to study and at what level. Check out our Costs page or on individual units pages.

Can I get FEE-HELP?

FEE-HELP is available for eligible students studying ACT degrees and diplomas. Visit for more details.

If I’m already studying at university can I cross credit a unit (subject) from SMBC?

Possibly. Something to consider: if you’re studying an undergraduate degree at university, it may be possible for you to complete some degree level units at SMBC as electives towards that degree. Chat with us and your university if you’re interested.

Are there any prerequisites I need?

Yes!  All SMBC students need to provide a NSW (or equivalent) Working With Children number. In addition, if you enrol in a DM unit, you will need to supply evidence of Safe Ministry Training.

Additionally, depending on what course or unit (subject) you’re thinking about studying, you may need to show evidence of a prior degree.

Can I study for a certificate from SMBC?

You can enrol in a unit (subject) that can be studied at certificate level and be credited toward an SMBC Introductory Certificate in Christian Studies (192 hrs). Please note that FEE-HELP is not available for this award.

Can I just come along and participate in the classes without doing exams or assessments?

Yes. You may decide to study units for personal interest without being formally assessed. This is called ‘auditing’ and credit points are not awarded and a lesser cost applies for the unit. FEE-HELP is not available for audit level study.

Is accommodation at SMBC available to part-time students?  

Overnight accommodation in the SMBC Wallace Suites may be available for part-time students with evening classes. A week of accommodation in the SMBC Wallace Suites may be available for intensive students. Please contact us for more information here

Where can I park for evening lectures?

There is very limited parking spaces available on the Croydon Campus. Please see this map (180KB PDF) for suggested street parking.

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