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God’s Mission and the Local Church

AQF: 6/7/8/9 hybrid

Thursday Daytime Unit

EM060-612/712/812 + EM205-912 (Capstone) + EM206-912 (Specialised Studies)

Our God is a God of mission. The gospel is for people of every nation, tribe and tongue, in Australia and to the ends of the earth. We all affirm it but how should it impact our lives and our churches here? Should we just focus on our own neighbourhood and let others work out the rest? What does it look like to faithfully serve God’s global mission at home? What is our role locally and further afield?

In this unit we'll together gain the understanding, perspectives, and skills required to help local churches become more aligned with God’s missional purposes. We'll engage with God’s word, with what God is doing in the world and with the changing demographic realities of Australia and the globe. We'll see the important role a church can play in raising up and sending out cross-cultural workers and in partnering with what God is doing across the street and across the oceans.

Lecturer: Dr Tim Silberman
AQF level: 6/7/8/9
Lecture Mode: hybrid*
EM205-912 = 48 level 8 credit points with 12 level 8 (or higher) credit points in EM
EM206-912 = 48 level 8 credit points with 24 credit points in EM
Times: Thursdays 2.20pm–3.10pm + 3.15pm–4.05pm + 4.10pm–5.00pm
Dates: 18, 25 July; 8, 15, 22 August; 5, 12, 19, 26 September; 17, 31 October; 7 November 2024 (Exam period = 18-22 November)
Location: Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132 + online via Zoom
Credit Points:
AEM060 = 36hrs - Audit (no assessments)
EM060-612= 12 credit points (1 unit) - DipCS, DipMin, DipTh, AdDipMin, AdDipTh, AssocDegMin, AssocDegTh, BMin, BTh, BDiv
EM060-712 = 12 credit points (1 unit) - BMin, BTh, BDiv
EM060-812 = 12 credit points (1 unit) - BMin/Th(Hons), GDDiv, MMin, MDiv, MICS, MTS
EM205-912 = 12 credit points (1 unit) Capstone - MMin, MDiv, MICS, MTS
EM206-912 = 12 credit points (1 unit) Specialised Studies - MMin, MDiv, MICS, MTS
Tuition Fees:
Audit = $445
AQF unit levels 5-7 (12 credit points) = $2,784 (Overseas student = $3,207)
AQF unit levels 8-9 (12 credit points) = $2,976 (Overseas student = $3,426)
For further details see Costs

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: units in this mode are delivered face-to-face in the classroom only
Off-Campus: units in this mode are delivered live online-only, that is, a mix of online lectures, videos, activities and interaction with lecturers and fellow students.
Hybrid: units in this mode are delivered both on-campus and off-campus concurrently.

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