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Early New Testament Church

AQF: 5/6/8, hybrid

Wednesday Daytime Unit


The church is far from perfect, whether we have in mind the early church or the church today. How did the church get started? What issues did those first Christians struggle with? How did God use his people to spread the light of the gospel from its beginnings in Judea and Jerusalem to the very heart of the Roman Empire?

In this unit, we study the Acts of the Apostles, or (to put it differently) the Acts of the risen Lord Jesus. We trace how God was at work through his imperfect but faithful people. We will also look at some of the letters of the New Testament in the setting that Acts provides and see how they give us a window into the issues faced by the early church – and how the apostles dealt with these issues on the basis of the truth of the gospel of Christ. It is an interesting glimpse into the church then, and it provides guidance as the Lord Jesus continues to work through his imperfect people today.

Lecturers: Rev Anthony Brammall and Matt Vander Heiden
AQF level: 5/6/8 Note: this class is geared towards AQF6/8 students but students of other levels can still enrol.
Lecture Mode: hybrid*
Times: Wednesdays 8.45am-9.35am + 9.40am-10.30am + 10.55am-11.45am
Dates:17, 24 July; 7, 14, 21 August; 4, 11, 18, 25 September; 16, 30 October; 6 November 2024 (Exam period = 18-22 November)
Location: Croydon Campus, 43 Badminton Road, Croydon 2132 + online via Zoom
Credit Points:
ANT002 = 36hrs - Audit (no assessments)
NT002-512 = 12 credit points (1 unit) – UCMin, UCTh, DipCS, DipMin, DipTh, AdDipMin, AdDipTh, AssocDegMin, AssocDegTh, BMin, BTh
NT002-612 = 12 credit points (1 unit) – BDiv
NT002-812 = 12 credit points (1 unit) – GDDiv, MMin, MDiv, MICS, MTS
Tuition Fees:
Audit = $445
AQF unit levels 5-7 (12 credit points) = $2,784 (Overseas student = $3,207)
AQF unit levels 8-9 (12 credit points) = $2,976 (Overseas student = $3,426)
For further details see Costs
Note: This unit is also available on Monday afternoons in on-campus mode*

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 units in this mode are delivered face-to-face in the classroom only
Off-Campus: units in this mode are delivered live online-only, that is, a mix of online lectures, videos, activities and interaction with lecturers and fellow students.
Hybrid: units in this mode are delivered both on-campus and off-campus concurrently.

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