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Friends with God - Unpacking Exodus with Kids

SMBC 2021 Children's Ministry Conference

Dig deep into the amazing Bible story of the Exodus where God offers his people his friendship. Learn fun and relevant ways of sharing this with the children in your life.

Hot Topics Series 14

SMBC 2021 Hot Topics

These talks are ideal for those who want their hearts and minds challenged biblically.

Run for your Life

SMBC 2020 Women's Conference

Bible talks from the Book of Hebrews

Between Rescue and Home

SMBC 2019 Biennial Preaching Conference

Between judgement and salvation. Between promise and fulfillment. Between rescue and home. That’s where we are. This conference explored the powerful relevance of the Book of Deuteronomy for our churches today.


SMBC 2019 Children's Ministry Conference

HOPE: Certain hope for kids living in an uncertain world

Under the Sun

SMBC 2019 Women's Conference

Hearing God's word from the book of Ecclesiastes.

A Heart for the Lost

SMBC 2018 Biennial Missions Conference

No matter where he has placed us, or what ministry he has given us, we have a role in God’s mission. He has called us to make his love and power known everywhere so that people from every single tribe and language are brought into his family through Christ.

Going the Distance

SMBC 2018 Children's Ministry Conference

We’ll explore ways of helping grow our kids’ faith - because we long to see them 'Going the Distance.'